Steam Wagon launches new Non Veg combos

The small take away counter (seating for a couple of people available as well) tucked in one corner of Kuravankonam junction has recently caught the eyes of many. I personally have been a regular of their Chicken Wrap and Sodas and it was finally, though reluctant, time to try something else – their newly launched non veg combo.

The combo consists of a portion of Egg Fried Rice, Chilly Chicken, 1 piece Chicken Drumstick, House Cut Fries and a plate of veggies. The entire combo is enough to fill a regular EATer, and it’s a steal for 155 bucks (actual price 170, app price 155).


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Antarctica, The Burger Lounge | Muttada | Trivandrum

“Tower burgers, do we get ‘em anywhere in Trivandrm?”, “Does our city have multiple patties burger?” etc. were some of the regular queries posted in some food forums in Trivandrum. Even though the initial answers were a big NO, without surprise, Antarctica has recently given positive answers to all the queries.


Started off as a small juice shop in the busy junction of Statue, they moved to a new shop in Muttada due to their increased footfall, thanks to their recent addition of burgers, many of them. Located bang opposite Manappuram Finance office in Muttada, Antarctica is in the first floor.


Burgers, Sandwiches, short eats, juices, shakes and what not.

Potato Wedges: Potatoes being my weakness, wedges or fries are my regular order in any restaurants I visit. The same happened here as well. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Just like how it should be.


Veg Lulu Club Sandwich: Being a hardcore carnivore, its not right for me to comment on veg delicacies, yet had a taste of this one. 4 slices of bread, grilled with a veg patty and cucumber and onion slices. The French mayo made sure that it wasn’t dry. Good one.


Ferrari Sandwich: Chicken Patties, Shish Tawook, cheese and lettuce sandwiched between 4 breads. The distinct flavor of each items was quite noticeable. Shish Tawook was brilliant whereas the patty was the regular fare. Filling and tasty.


IMG_1527Hawana Burger: Ever since Antarctica started serving burgers, I had set my eyes on their beef burgers which looked amazing. Did it taste as good as it looked? Of course it did, if not better. Probably the only place in the city which serves gherkins (pardon if I am wrong). Fat beef patty topped with cheese along with lettuce, tomatoes and gherkins. A must have.


Cold Coffee: The standard fare. Points to highlight are the thickness of the shake and the right amount of coffee used. Topped with ice cream, definitely your solution for the scorching sun.


Mint Mojito: Refreshing to say the least, the fizz had me at the first sip. Even though the syrup could be reduced a bit, the flavor was good and went well with the burger.


Antarctica is here and definitely here to stay. With the quality of the food being served at a competitive price, they are definitely a worthy competition to the big guns already around. Here’s wishing team Antarctica the very best.

Keep Chugging, Keep Chowing

Where to EAT | Mall Of Travancore | Trivandrum

Trivandrum whole-heartedly welcomed their first major mall, Mall Of Travancore, last month. Even though a few brands are yet to open, the mall is up and running and flooded by folks from Trivandrum and nearby districts.

“We have a wide variety of cuisine from the major brands, locally and globally in Trivandrum’s very own Mall of Travancore”, says Mr. Kishore Kutty, General Manager, MoT.

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Raidan | Vazhuthacaud | Trivandrum

Middle East cuisine blessed the God’s own country’s capital more than 2 decades back. While it started with a Shawarma, moved slowly to Shawaya, and finally we get the likes of Mandi, Majboos etc. While the capital city boasts of many places serving the same, Raidan has to be a frontrunner!

Chicken Mandi: Well, the likeness chart for the taste goes upwards, but takes a steep downwards for the quantity. Let’s get into details. The most flavorful mandi rice that I have tasted in the city for sure. The chicken was perfectly grilled and it was almost falling off the bones. The combination was simply amazing. The garlic mayo, though a tad thick, was brilliantly done. The tomato-chili (almost a salsa) dip was too good as well. Now this portion for around 160 odd for the rice served is a bit cruel I would say. And we even noticed that the quantity has considerable come down from the initial days they served. Hope they look into it.


Stone Barbecue: Definitely the first one in Trivandrum and oh boy, have they not nailed this one. It’s fun to see how it’s made. Hot stone bed and chicken cooked on top of it. A good portion for 170 served with a Khubboos and garlic mayo dip.



The best option is to stick to this cuisine I feel. The soup was a shocker. Ordered sweet corn chicken and cream of chicken.

Abood was refreshing to say the least. Good choice for a sticky noon !


Raidan is here to stay, and we wish them all the very best!

Keep Chugging, Keep Chowing

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Siji’s Pizza Street | Kumarapuram | Trivandrum


Trivandrum was definitely lacking good competition for pizzas. Of course there is Ambrosia who started it all to Imperial Kitchen to Brickhouse Oven to the QSRs. The competition has surely got stiffer with the arrival of Siji’s Pizza Street.

Started serving some delicacies as home chefs, Ayisha Nizam and Sajjad couple caught the eyeballs of many a city folks for their authentic Arabic preparations. This has eventually paved the path and thus Siji’s Pizza Street was born.

Tucked into the lane which leads to Tennis Complex and Teacher Education Center in Kumarapuram, the exteriors and interiors of the place is wonderfully done. Outside resembles that of a bus stand with Pizzeria paintings all around, whereas interior is blessed with minimal lights, quotes on walls, and wood centric décor.


Pizza Street Special: This specials from Sijis is a generous pizza with chunks of Beef, Chicken Ham, Chicken Sausages and Salami. No complaints whatsoever, especially on the quantity of the non-veg toppings used. Corn, Olives and Mushrooms represented the veg army and they too were used in appropriate proportions. A flavorful delight.


Cheesy Chicken: A pizza for cheese lovers indeed. Regular portions of chicken along with a combination of Mozzarella, Parmesan and Feta cheese. Feta cheese was spot on, however parmesan and mozzarella could have been a bit more. The suggestion was taken positively and I was told that they will replace it, however, I decided against it. Got a call today from the management and they told they found a better alternative for the cheese used. Highly appreciate the gesture.


Barbecue Chicken: While hogging on the pizzas, came across a gentleman, who’s an EAT regular. Mr. Sai Krishnan. They ordered a Barbecue Chicken and I tasted a slice from it. Can’t argue much, the best pizza that I had that day, hands down. Chunks of barbecue chicken on a bed of cheese. Marvellous.

Iced Tea: Being an ardent fan of iced tea, I almost order from any restaurants that I visit. There was a slight consistency issue, one having more flavor of tea than the other, however, as long as I get hints of both tea and peach, or tea and lemon, I guess I will be a happy man.


The first visit at Siji’s Pizza Street left me wanting for more. Glad to see Trivandrum growing in all axes. Eat At Trivandrum wishes Siji’s Pizza Street the very best

Keep Chugging, Keep Chowing

Chariot Beach Resort | Mahabalipuram | Bloggers’ Meet | Part I

Beach is fun. And for the same reason, beach resorts are, if not better. And Mahabalipuram sounds like an amazing location. To top it all, a bloggers meet. I just couldn’t ask for anything better at the time of my term break.


To give you an intro, my college is 10 minutes away from Chariot Beach Resort and it was time for end term. The date of the last paper fell on the second day of the meet up, but I couldn’t just stand the excitement. I decided to attend the dinner of Day 1 for a couple of hours and returned back to my college.

But was that couple of hours’ worth it?  You bet!!

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Gala Night: Dosa special dinner | PGPM Class of 18 | Great Lakes Institute of Management

The scene is set. One hectic year of Management course ahead. Piling assignments, class works, quizzes, exams and what not. Amidst the rising tension, Great Lakes Management did the (almost) unthinkable. They organized a Gala Night : Dosa special dinner, the night before the first end terms.

I remember my school days, when my dad used to take me for movies the day before the exams and I literally thought this could not happen elsewhere. Until the night of the Dosa party !!

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Santé Spa | Koregaon Park | Pune

Santé Spa has been a silent monster in Pune for some time now. They are not celebrated like how some big players are, they are not flashy and they are so quiet. This, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the best places in Pune !

Being a ‘hardcore’ non vegetarian, I was very, very sceptical to try out a place which offers ‘healthy’, ‘veg’ food ( 2 words which I hardly use).  ‘The job demands it, so we execute it’ was my attitude until the moment I had the first dish.

Spinach Spearmint Pineapple: A healthy drink after a very long time. Anti-oxidant, this. The drink wasn’t served chilled. That’s the way they recommend, however, I asked for couple of ice cubes for my liking. The drink was more of a pineapple flavor with a dash of spinach and hint of peppermint. What a start!


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Field Trip – Kuzhipandhandalam | Karma Yoga Programme | Great Lakes Institute of Management

Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai, has a special programme called ‘Karmayoga’ which involves the current students visiting the nearby villages and observing the overall condition, features and what not. That’s not it, the programme tries its best to resolve any issues being reported to the students.


This year, the students are visiting over 30 villages in as many groups. The village which our group visited was Kuzhipandhandalam. Situated over 10 kms from the college, the village is calm and serene to say the least. Here’s what the village showed us, rather taught us !

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Salt Co. 531 | Bloggers Meet Up | Radisson Blu by GRT Hotels, Chennai


As a part of the Bloggers Meet Up, the lunch for the first day was scheduled to be at the famed Salt Co. 531. The spread is really huge and its mind blowing.

We started off with some chaat. The mobile chaat counter was a sight ! Dhokla chaat was being prepared and the use of liquid ice was very innovative. The chaat was really good.

Barbecue wings and buffalo chicken both were good, well marinated and cooked to perfection. The taste of the sauces stood out.


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