Olam creates waves, big ones


The first flea market in Trivandrum, Olam, kicked off yesterday evening by 4 and the crowd was flowing in like swarms of bees. 3400 odd people on the first day is something which each and every Trivian can be proud of. The data shows exactly what the crowd in Trivandrum is. Inexplicable.


With 59 total stalls including 6 for food and 5 for Bakes and Cakes, there are stalls for Fashion, Art, Home Decors, Social Cause and Beauty. With a mind blowing crowd, Olam received all the welcome it deserved.


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Coffee Savoury | Sasthamangalam | Trivandrum

Trivandrum has been on a roll over the past couple of years. Food scene is definitely worth drooling over. With new concepts coming in one after another, now there’s almost everything you need in a 10 km radius around the city.

One such concept, Coffee Savory, is the recent addition to the list.


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Al Hassan | Plamoodu | Trivandrum

Started off as budget restaurants, and then created a fairly good ambiance with multi cuisine, the name Al Hassan is no surprise to anyone. They gained their name sometime back when they served, probably, the cheapest Biriyani one could get in the city, without compromising on the quality.

Though I wanted to visit them for their Biriyani and Shawarma, the management suggested I must go for the Kebabs as they had a chef specializing in that. I didn’t think twice, and ordered a platter and a Gulabi Kebab.

Kebab Platter: The Kebab platter, as the name suggests, in an assortment of their best kebabs. It includes Alishaan Kebab, Malai Kebab, Raeshmi Kebab, hariyali kebab and chicken tikka. Though it’s tough to choose the best, my taste buds voted for the malai tikka with gooey malai on top of the chicken. Alishaan and Tikka were my other favorites. For 300+tax, I think this one’s a steal


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Steam Wagon launches new Non Veg combos

The small take away counter (seating for a couple of people available as well) tucked in one corner of Kuravankonam junction has recently caught the eyes of many. I personally have been a regular of their Chicken Wrap and Sodas and it was finally, though reluctant, time to try something else – their newly launched non veg combo.

The combo consists of a portion of Egg Fried Rice, Chilly Chicken, 1 piece Chicken Drumstick, House Cut Fries and a plate of veggies. The entire combo is enough to fill a regular EATer, and it’s a steal for 155 bucks (actual price 170, app price 155).


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