Field Trip – Kuzhipandhandalam | Karma Yoga Programme | Great Lakes Institute of Management

Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai, has a special programme called ‘Karmayoga’ which involves the current students visiting the nearby villages and observing the overall condition, features and what not. That’s not it, the programme tries its best to resolve any issues being reported to the students.


This year, the students are visiting over 30 villages in as many groups. The village which our group visited was Kuzhipandhandalam. Situated over 10 kms from the college, the village is calm and serene to say the least. Here’s what the village showed us, rather taught us !


The first place we got down was more like a developed area. However, clean water was a major concern here. Certain skin disease due to nearby power plant is also one major issues being faced by them.  Once we collected some data from there, we headed out to a more interior place in that village.


The team gets some input from the village ‘Thalaiva’

Takeaways from this village are aplenty. Money crunch, lack of good facilities and what not. But one major positive is that almost all are happy here. No one complaints and lives their way around with what they have. The kids play with things that nature has to provide, the adults are happy with farming while the ladies find themselves busy with cooking and other activities. And surprisingly, the condition of this village is much better. They are having enough clean water and other basic facilities. However, the one thing which the entire village is not happy with is their toilet facilities. The students will be doing the best they can to resolve most of their issues.


The education facilities are commendable. These two gentlemen were speaking to us in English !


A day in the scorching heat, tired, but the students returned with heart full of joy and satisfaction.


Let the pics do the talking …


The cooking style which probably most of us would not even have seen before !


Delighted to pose for the photographs



Clean water is the concern


Our group’s Village Coordinator (VC) delighted to see a shop. We all were dehydrated to the core. Imagine the situation of villagers with no clean water !


In Kalaam we trust





The energetic VC


Images Courtesy : Akash Ranjan, Anik Dasgupta, Akshay Sharma, Anmol Sharma.

Let’s work towards a better India ! 

Arvind Soju


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