Dinshaw’s | Koregaon Park | Pune

A well known brand in the ice cream industry, Dinshaw’s has set up a tidy café, mostly serving American comfort food, in Pune. With Navroze around the corner, it was time for some Parsi feast from the Dinshaw kitchen.

Well, this tasting was indeed a mix – mostly Parsi and some random dishes.

Lemon Iced Tea: What a refreshing start to the hot afternoon. Though I would have preferred a more intense flavor of tea in the drink, this was good enough for the hot weather. Standard ice tea with mint leaves.


Cheesy Garlic Bread: A good portion of sliced bread topped with garlic and cheese. A really good starter. Would have done really really better with Italian Breads, however , this version served with mayo is good nevertheless.


Chicken Farcha: I have never had a farcha before, and the folks at my table were so eager to taste this typical parsi preparation. Though I came to know this was not what a farcha actually tastes like, the dish was interesting. Similar to the fried chicken we get elsewhere. Crumb fried chicken, shallow fried.


Chicken Dhansak: A spicy preparation of chicken with a burst of flavors. Served with fried onions and rice, it was a perfect mains which makes you want to ask for more.


Mutton Kheema Ghotala would probably my pick of the day. Mutton Kheema and medium gravy baked with a layer of fried egg on top. Spicy again, served with some pavs, this is indeed a treat for the taste buds.


Boston Brownie Freak Shake: Good brownie – check. Good shake – check. A very tempting freak shake topped with chocolate brownie and ice cream. The brownie was topped with some gems and the shake was topped with sprinklers. The shake was thick and what more could we ask for.


Jenga Churros: Being a hardcore fan of churros, I am bound to be critical of the same. This one doesn’t reach upto the best one I have had in Pune, but definitely a job well done. The combination of hot churros topped with chocolate sauce and served with ice cream is just brilliant.


The service was an issue there. Looked like they were definitely under staffed. With the quality of food provided, it is a no brainer that I will be visiting them again to try out more from their regular menu.

Keep Chugging, Keep Chowing


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