Brewery Hopping | Hyderabad

Craft Beers have set a trend in India. With Breweries popping up every now and then, the demand for ‘Good’ craft beers are increasing as well. Last week, Hyderabad was my destination. The city currently boasts 4 functioning breweries with at least another 4 in the pipeline. Considering the fact that its been hardly a year since the first brewery opened, Hyderabad has been doing pretty well as far as the crafts are concerned.

The main motives of the hopping are 2 things – Promotion of craft beers, and awareness on ‘Don’t drink and Drive’. Drink responsibly, enjoy the beers and please, don’t drink and drive.

Hyderabad Brewery Hopping #1 – HyLife Brewing Company

First up was HBC. A beautiful setup with brilliant décor. The tasters were served in a push cart replica. It costs Rs.200. The beers on tap are Wheat – James Blonde, Strong Ale – Don’t Go Home, Stout – Snoop Dog, Lager – Drunken Monk, Pilsner – Hoppy Ending and Fruit – Mausam Beer.


The personal favorite of the day was Lager – The Drunken Monk. The most refreshing of the lot to start off the day with. The beer was more cloudy than I had expected, it had hints of fruity flavors. A 500 mL glass costs you Rs.300.


Hyderabad Brewery Hopping #2 – Zero 40 Brewing

Off I hopped to my second destination, Zero40 Brewing. A huge place set up in different levels and includes outdoor seating as well. The tasters are called ‘Start with Foreplay’ (you dirty mind !!! ) which costs Rs.300. The beers on tap are Basmati Helles – Go Swami, Hefeweizen – The Blue Camel, Indian Red Ale – The Ex, Robust Porter – Shavasan and Witbier – Old Timer.


The personal favorite of the day was Hefeweizen – The Blue Camel. Easy going beer with hints of cloves and bananas. Yet another cloudy beer with minimum head. A perfect beer for a hot afternoon. A 500 mL glass costs you Rs.275.


Hyderabad Brewery Hopping #3 – Over The Moon

Probably the only Brewery on the rooftop of a tall building. The view is to die for. The tasters are served in mini mason jars and are priced at Rs.75 per taster. Stout – New Moon, American Ale – Moonlight, Lager – OTM Lager and Cider – Adam’s Apple.


The personal favorite of the day was American Ale – Moonlight. Yet another easy-drinking beer with no particular dominance of the hops. A beer that is perfect for an evening. A pint will cost you Rs.250.


Hyderabad Brewery Hopping #4 – Prost Brew Pub

It took some time for me to find a table at this super crowded place. A much know brand from Bangalore is marking its presence in Hyderabad too. The beers on tap are Lager – Rocky Road, English Ale – Red Alert, Stout – Burnt Stone, Wheat Beer – Hyderabad Hurricane, Cider – Cider Rider and Brewers Special Brew. As they say, if there’s ‘No Beergasm Yet’ you can try the sampler set for Rs.200.


The personal favorite of day was Wheat Beer – Hyderabad Hurricane. A pale yellow beer with fruity notes. A special mention to the creamy head – one of the best heads I have ever seen in a beer. A mug costs you Rs.289.


Hyderabad is definitely going in the right track as far as craft beers are concerned and they are sure to get better with the years to come. Competition is going to be high, and probably that’s the reason why we could expect better and better beers from this city.

Keep Chugging, Keep Chowing


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