Mineority By Saby | Kalyani Nagar | Pune

A café/bar with the theme of ‘Mines’ is very well a first in Pune. They have taken every detail into account. The seating, décor, posters and the food supports the case. Several kinds of cuisine are available, including North-Eastern and South-Eastern cuisines owing to a majority of the mines in these areas.


A food tasting was organized at Mineority By Saby and here is how it went…

Hyderabad Nyzams Mutton Sheekh: My search for a brilliant sheekh kebab ends here. Charcoal grilled juicy sheekh kebabs served with traditional flat bread. The flavor and the texture of the sheekh was top notch.


Coal Field Margarita: Who doesn’t fancy a good margarita ? Thin crust stone baked pizzas with imported tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil. Pretty nice.


Mining Club Cutlet: I never really go behind the veggie dishes but this one is an exceptional exception. Beetroot, green peas and cashew nuts with ground spices and drizzled with mustard sauce.


Black Vegetable Skewer/Black Chicken Skewer: Some of the prime signature stuff from Chef Saby. Chicken / vegetables marinated in black sesame paste and char grilled. The smoky flavors are prominent. An average dish served with flat bread and mint chutney.

Kalimpong Chili Cheese Rolls: Spring rolls ? Yes but better. This version has got a filling of kalimpng cheese, coriander and mayo made out of bhut jolokia. Lovely innovation. Lovely dish.


Shoe Rolls: Choux pastry with fillings of cheese, black pepper and mushrooms. Served on a bed of mustard sauce, the dish is a good starter.


Odiya Chaniya Mania Fish failed to leave a good impression. The taste of the fish was hardly there. Fish is prepared in sweet and sour sauce with berries. The dish is accompanied by Masala Bhel.


Tribal Fish and Chips: Well this one could very well be my pick of the night. The winning factor of the dish is definitely the deep fry. Deep fried crispy fish with patra, mustard sauce, tamarind dip and wedges.


Tres Leches Cake: The tres leches was definitely the winner among the desserts. Layers of soft vanilla sponge, condensed milk and heavy whipped cream went really good together.


Jurassic Cheesecake: Very good texture for the cheesecake with promising flavors. This version uses burnt chana poda topped with guaja flakes. Chef Saby’s take on the World’s oldest cheesecake, from Orissa.


Goran’s Bajadera: Personally, I was looking forward to having this more than any other desserts but turns into a slight disappointment. The taste was good alright. Layers of biscuit , nutty nougat and chocolate – wow. The let down was the hardness of the nougat layer.


Overall, Mineority by Saby is definitely one in the long run. They have got potential and are ready to take any risks they have to. I am pretty sure that their food will just get better over time. A few polishing here and there is definitely gonna take Mineority to new heights.

Keep Chugging, Keep Chowing

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