Mineority By Saby | Kalyani Nagar | Pune

A café/bar with the theme of ‘Mines’ is very well a first in Pune. They have taken every detail into account. The seating, décor, posters and the food supports the case. Several kinds of cuisine are available, including North-Eastern and South-Eastern cuisines owing to a majority of the mines in these areas.


A food tasting was organized at Mineority By Saby and here is how it went…

Hyderabad Nyzams Mutton Sheekh: My search for a brilliant sheekh kebab ends here. Charcoal grilled juicy sheekh kebabs served with traditional flat bread. The flavor and the texture of the sheekh was top notch.


Coal Field Margarita: Who doesn’t fancy a good margarita ? Thin crust stone baked pizzas with imported tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil. Pretty nice.

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