Sunburn 10 | A mixed feeling


The 10th edition of Sunburn was one of the much awaited event of the year.  The excitement level was indeed high for the fest which is a decade old. Top artists from all over the world were in the line up and a musical extravaganza was on the cards.

The first bad news came almost a week before the event. Local residents of the Kesnand village were against the fest. The DJ fraternity of too joined the protest for a totally convincing reason.

The first bad news was followed by a terrible news that Krewella  were not granted visa due to Pakistan heritage.  I mean , really ?? A

Finally it was time to forget Krewella for the time being cause at least the fest was confirmed to happen. Kesnand , a name I heard for the first time , is a village approx 4 km from Wagholi. Thanks to the ever increasing vehicles,  the traffic was a stand still that even the bikes were not able to move.

On reaching the venue, the crowd , as expected , was huuge. Blunders from the crowd standing in the wrong lines , along with the staff at the counter busy arranging bands for the VIPs just meant one thing. DELAY


Got hold of the tickets and the adventure began fro box office to the venue which is on a hill top. Illegally constructed gravel roads , no safety barriers and poor traffic control made this journey a bitter, (un)forgettable experience.

Security throwing off my goggles case because the goggles was not kept in it did not help my case one bit.

Though I had to face hell until the time I reached the venue  the night ahead was bound to be brilliant. It indeed was.

The likes of Armin were simply mind blowing and world’s best for a reason. The crowd got up and jumping in a flash. Armin’s take on the Game of Thrones the,etc and the tribal mix were indeed the best of the day. Mostly originals were played however some of the DJs went for commercial tracks as well.

Apart from the music , there was an array of restaurants , beverages and the likes of Rayban, Skybags etc .

Smirnoff Private lounge


A dedicated lounge facing the main arena. Entry was restricted strictly to those who have Smirnoff passes. We all know how good Smirnoff is. Thanks to the team for pouring some of the finest cocktails / drinks. Their hospitality was inexplicable to say the least.

What started as a bitter experience was turned into a night to remember, thanks to artists and Smirnoff lounge.

Keep Chugging, Keep Chowing


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