Indigo Delicatessen | Phoenix Market City | Pune


Indigo Delicatessen, a name that India is familiar with for over a decade now. Indigo Deli has always delighted their patrons with their selection of meat and bakes. This time, it was Punekar’s turn to witness and taste what Indigo has to offer.


A tasting session at Indigo Deli went like this:-


Corn and Potato chowder: Slow roasted potatoes and crushed corns along with strips of tender chicken was served on a plate and the hot soup poured over them. The chowder was perfect and the distinct taste of all the ingredients could very well be felt.



Red Wine Poached Pear Salad: Fresh arugula topped with some caramelized gorgonzola cheese along with spiced pecans and poached pear. The finishing in red wine reduction just makes the salad oh so drool worthy.


Deli House salad: Totally my kind of a salad. So the main attraction is definitely the house cured salmon and poached lobster. The veggies went in were green beans, baby potatoes, capers and olives, lettuce, plum tomatoes along with some boiled eggs. All tossed in oregano vinaigrette, its magic.


Wafer-Thin Pizzas…

The 3 smoked pepper and 3 cheese pizza: Red, yellow and bhavnagari peppers with cheddar, scamorza and mozzarella cheese was simply too good. But comparatively, the winner for me definitely was The Barbecue Chicken and Cheddar Pizza. Chicken strips tossed in brilliant in-house barbecue sauce and cheese.img_20161205_200932166img_20161205_200940179

Middle Course…

Beer Battered Cajun Prawns: Ok. First of all, brilliant batter made with beer. Secondly, the prawns was so fresh. That’s it. That’s the secret formula for a perfect beer battered cajun prawns. ID nailed it.


Tossed mushrooms with Basil: Bite sized portions of mushrooms in crunchy effervescent batter tossed to perfection with basil and sesame seeds.



Quarter pound of char grilled filet mignon: Asked for my beef to be done a little less than a well done and the chef was spot on. Easy to cut, juicy and tender mignon steak char grilled served with red wine jus and accompanied by some lovely mash and whole roasted garlic. Brilliant.



The Whiskey Pate: This one’s not for the faint hearted and definitely not for the teetotalers. A good amount of whiskey goes into this rich and dark chocolate cake. The whiskey, I felt, was a bit too much causing the dessert to be a little more bitter than I had expected. Enjoyed it nevertheless.


The Chocolate Almond Cake and The Black Forest were spot on. Rich in taste , texture and what not.

Special mention for the homemade ice creams. It’s simply outstanding. Choose a flavor depending on what you like and I don’t think you will regret it. Belgian Chocolate Truffle, Bluleberry mint, roasted hazelnut, dulce de leche, mocha and caramelized bananas were the flavors we tried. The truffle and hazelnut were my personal picks.

Indigo Deli is definitely heavy on the pockets. But all good things comes with a price. The ambiance, the service and definitely the food quality assures you that whatever you spend would be worth it.

Keep Chugging, Keep Chowing

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