R-Adda | Ramee Grand | Pune

R-Adda is the latest addition to the in-house restaurants of the world famous Ramee Grand. It’s a Bike(rs) themed pub and is mostly evident from their décor and the overall ambiance which includes posters, wordings, and even a community table which is attached to a bike.



The launch party was much talked about in the city with celebrities from cine field and soap operas gracing the function.

A food tasting event went like this…


Herbal: One of their signature cocktails. A potent and balanced drink in which vodka is mixed with kiwi, mint and lime juice. Very  unique and very refreshing.

Muchadwala Mojito: Good amount of thinking would have gone into naming each dish and drink. The Muchadwala Mojito has a white rum base with paan and green apple flavour with mint and lime. Those who fancy paan flavour can definitely go for this one.


Muska Ferni: A thicker cocktail this one. White rum as base and ideal amount of musk melon juice with mint and lime. The mouth feel of the drink was commendable and made way for an awesome drink.


Chatpata: Never really fan of spicy cocktails or the ones with spicy rims. The drink has tequila, guava, jalapeno, lime salt and aamchur with a masala rim.


Kadak Maal bucket: An all time favourite Rum and Coke. Well its not simple and calm as it may sound. This monster is served in a steel can (which is commonly used to carry water from well) and is super strong and served by the litre.  This should be your go to drink if getting high is in your agenda.



Mumbai Ka Don: No offence to the restaurant trying fusion, but Pune has got many already. But R Adda is not altering dishes in the name of fusion but serves in all its authenticity or sometimes even better. Such an example is this plate of Vada Pav. Fresh breads stuffed with aloo wada with sweet chutney and spicy chutney.


Masala Onion Rings: The best onion rings I have ever had. Thick and juicy onions in masala batter deep fried. Why the best you ask? Masala was very tasty, and most importantly it was not oily at all.


Tandoori Chicken Lollypop: Classic Indian drumsticks. Everything was right about this one. The drumstick pieces were juicy and tender. The marination was top notch with ideal spice levels. Cooked to perfection and wasn’t that awesome.


Dhokla Skewers: Standard preparation of dhokla. The dish was dry.


Paneer ke Sule: Fresh and juicy paneer marinated to perfection in the standard tikka masala and char grilled. Topped with cheese sauce and served with mint chutney, this looks like a go to option of veggies.


Adda Wings: Brilliant. Juicy chicken wings tossed in house sauces (tandoor as well). Special mention for the Potato Wedges served along. The coating of the potatoes were brilliant and is a must try.


Crunchy Chicken Sliders: Crunchy chicken topped with spicy mayo and lettuce in between sesame buns. Really good flavors for both the chicken and the sauce.


Masala Peanuts: Yet another ideal starter for drinks. Crispy peanuts with finely chopped onions, tomatoes and coriander. Ideally spiced to be had with drinks



Mutton Rogan Gosh Biriyani: Being not much of a mutton lover, I usually don’t have them. I would have missed a lot had I skipped this. Lovely aromatic and tasty rice with mutton chunks in gravy. The gravy was out of the world.


Bhuna Chicken with paratha: Very much the standard recipe but they nailed it. Medium spiced bhuna chicken with paratha.


Mutton Kheema: Inexplicable. Spicy semi gravy kheema served with parathas and onions. A must have from R Adda’s kitchen.



Cheese cake with Ginger ice cream and Walnut Brownie with Vanilla ice cream were both equally good but nothing extraordinary.


R Adda has madetheir statements strong and clear. They are here and here to stay. A very good place to chill out with some innovative drinks and really good food.

Keep Chugging, Keep Chowing

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