Classé by The Cooking Culture | Kalyani Nagar | Pune

Classé is one of the latest entrant into the Pune food scenes. Classé is that kind of a place which I definitely wouldn’t have tried if it wasn’t for a Carpe Diem invite (me being a pure non vegetarian and Classé being a pure veg fine dine).

Pre plated set course meals are their USP and they are doing a pretty good work at that. The ambiance is nothing short of a fine dine feel.

7/10/15/21 course meals are priced at Rs. 599 / Rs. 899 / Rs. 1299 / Rs. 1999 excluding taxes.

Course I – Mocktail…

Blood Orange Mojito: Very refreshing indeed. Sparkling orange juice, mint leaves and lemon wedges with mojito syrup. Perfectly balanced.


Crispy pita strips with hummus and salsa were also presented as a pre-starter (maybe?)


Course II – Soup…

Smoked Cheese and Paprika: The best veg soup I had in a really long time. A mix of baby tomatoes and smoked cheese with a zing of paprika is the best you could ask for this season!


Course III – Appetizer #1…

Chana Masala Wonton: A good example of fusion. Crispy fried wonton stuffed with chana masala topped with sev, mint, sweet chutney, spicy chutney and pomegranate. Very well pulled off.


Course III – Appetizer # 1…

Cottage Cheese Pinwheels: Flavor blast in a roundel. Cottage cheese covered with a mash cheese and tomato concasse topped with in house tangy sauce and garnished with a cherry tomato and an olive. Bite sized monster this one. A bit inconsistent with the salt (was not equally spread in the roundel).


Course V – European Entrée…

Taro’s Nest: If you take too much time taking snaps of this one, the fried noodles will turn soggy. Farm fresh prime veggies cooked in in-house sauce on a noodle nest. Yet another flavorful dish, until you eat it when the noodle is crispy.


Course VI – Oriental Entrée…

Parmigianino Ravioli:  Homegrown tomatoes, ricotta and wild ravioli tossed in creamy saffron parmesan sauce. The sauce was spot on and hence the dish. Accompanied by a garlic bread.


Course VII – Indian Main # 1…

Clay Pot Cottage Cheese: Strips of paneer in tangy tomato gravy cooked in clay pot. Tasted no different than a normal paneer curry.

Course VIII – Indian Main # 2…

Mausam ki Khaas Tarkari: True to its name, seasonal veggies in a similar tomato gravy served on a papad disguised as a katori. Decent.

The Indian mains were served with Indian breads.


Course IX – Indian Grains and Pulses…

Hyderabadi Biryani with Boorani Raita: Well I am no one to rate a Veg Biriyani. But this could be one of the best “veg biriyani” I have had. The taste was as good as the aroma and complemented well with the thick authentic boorani raita.


Course X – Dessert…

We had to choose from 2, but we tried our hands on both the desserts.

Malai pan ki minar: Lovely mousse made out of betel leaves and rose flavor. The gulkand was also lovely and both went well together.


Saffron Almond Soil: Pistachio mousse topped with pistachio gratings served with soil made from saffron crumble and almond biscuits.


Both the desserts did justice to their names.

Classé is not bad after all. Pure veg is not bad after all. Classé is sure to be a go-to option for Vegetarians. They serve jain food as well. As for non-vegetarians, yes, could be tried once in a while

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