Mercedes Benz – Luxe Drive | An unforgettable experience


Its Mercedes for Heaven’s sake and you know whats in store for you. Nothing short of a wonder event which will keep you occupied for more than half a day.

What’s a LuxeDrive?

An exclusive event organized by Mercedes to showcase new models, explain and experience the security features along with cooking masterclass by masterchefs and showcasing of decor pieces and collectibles by Gauri Khan’s Designs.



Well a word you could definitely relate with Mercedes. The Adrenaline section of the Luxe Drive is all about cars. Showcase of all the latest models including the GLC followed by 3 track experience is whats included in the experience. The first track showcased the stability of their 4 WD vehicles. The ability of the monster to equally distribute the weight of the car into the 3 tires if one is in the air and the maneuver of the car inclined at 45 degrees up and down, with lock brake systems and controlled set acceleration were beautifully showcased in the first track.

The second track, Slalom course,  was all about drifting. Zig-zag-zap. Master drivers, who are professional rally or track racers takes us through the entire experience. The customers can even try their hand at this track.


The final and the most Adrenaline rushed track was the Pre-Safe Demo circuit which had the display of emergency features. Special features like ABS, maneuvering the car (right or left) while applying full brakes and windows closed itself ( if open) when applying emergency brakes were demonstrated. Activity in this track is strictly prohibited for pregnant women, individuals with heart conditions and senior people.


Writer and YouTube cooking sensation Maria Goretti was the guest Chef who took us through a master class. She made some lip smacking ragi pancakes with mushrooms. The customers had a fantastic time interacting with her and received some tips for cooking and fitness.



Well Gauri Khan’s design needs no introduction. So was the elegance at the venue which was graced by some of the finest designs and collectibles from around the world.


Merchandise store kids zone were an added advantage at the event


Luxe Drive is an event, rather an experience, which should be felt at least once in a life time. Technology is growing at an unbelievable place and Mercedes demonstrates how technology helps in Automobile industry.

I just can’t wait to attend the next edition of LuxeDrive.

Keep Driving



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