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One of the few restaurants that has been consistent in terms of food quality and service is undoubtedly Effingut Brewerkz. Not to forget the brewtiful craft beers hand crafted in their KP premise. Much noise was made by EB for their new branch at Baner and it did live upto all the expectations.

I call Effingut my first home in Pune (considering I come from elsewhere and stay in a PG here). None of my weeks go by without a visit to EB, literally. Hardly anything goes wrong here and its very tough not to be biased towards the place. But when it comes to a blog, truth shall be told J

Effingut Baner opened its door in November 2016. The ambiance is much talked about and the décor is simply mind blowing. Vintage cassettes, books, posters, a hanging Bobby and what not. They have dedicated 2 pages on their menu to include the dishes suggested by members of the much known foodie group in Facebook, Pune Eat Outs. Such are the evidences for the fact that EB is ready to go to any extreme level to satisfy their customers.

A bloggers table saw The B Team for a tasting at Effingut Brewerkz.


Apple Cider, Strawberry Cider, Peach Ginger Melomels are not literally beers. They are ciders and melomels. Basically with minimum level of alcohol and a great choice if you haven’t started with beers as of now ( Its high time). Both the Ciders are really good, but given an option to choose among these three, I would go with the Peach Ginger melomel for its distinct and poking taste.


Berliner Weisse: A beer introduced by the Effin Brew Crew for the Oktoberfest has matured over time. A beer with low carbonation and sour taste, may not be appreciated by all. But if you are ready to break the stereotype to have less carbonated, sour beer, then this is the one to have.

Hefeweizen: An all-time Effingut favorite. The brewers sure knows the way around Hefeweizens. Undoubtedly the best Hefe I’ve had in Pune. High carbonated beer with a medium cloudy body with mouth feel and after taste of bananas and cloves.

Marzen Lager: A popular Oktoberfest Beer made it debut in Effingut tanks last year and the tradition continued this Oktoberfest as well. Its all about Malts. Toasty flavor with clear body with crisp taste.

Extra Special Bitter: Another variation of the English Bitter they used to have. An easy drinking beer which is malty and fruity.

Citrus Blast IPA: One of my favorites from the Effingut tanks. Indian Pale Ale with a blast of citrus , thanks to the hops. Aftertaste of the citrus with a hint of pepper. Have it only if you can handle the hoppiness.



Gun Powder Onion Rings (by Saurav Pattnaik): Onions rings in crispy batter topped with some in-house (seriously) good gun powder. The batter was crunchy enough and not much oily. Goes well with some beers.


3 cheese Quesadillas: I always loved a good quesadilla. This one with the 3 cheese makes it all the more special. Stuffed with scallions chopped jalapenos, grilled, served with salsa and sour cream is indeed a must have.


Pulled Chicken Tacos ( by Hussein Upletawala): Crunchy tacos stuffed with pulled chicken, Salsa and lettuce and cheese. Great combination of ingredients and a great result in the end.


Chicken Wings in Spicy sticky sauce (by Arvind Soju): Being tired of the all the sweet wings served across, finally a spicy wings to burn you up. Yes the spicy sauce is too hot to handle, but if you can, then an amazing preparation. Options for Sriracha Beer honey/Italian/ Teriyaki and Maple BBQ also available.


Thai Grilled Fish: Fillet of Basa pan seared with kaffir lime and lemon grass served with red and green honey coconut cream sauces. The fish is ideally spiced and yet another brilliant dish to pair up with some beers.


Murg Thecha Kebabs: Welcome to North India. Succulent chunks of chicken coated with thecha. The kebab was brilliant in itself and the  pairing with thecha is nothing but exemplary.

Bacon Wrapped Prawns and sausages(by Rahul Majumdar): Well I love bacon, I love prawns, I love sausages and this dish could never go wrong. Whole prawns wrapped with bacon skewered with sausages served on a bed of fries with maple BBQ and beer mustard dips. Thank Rahul for this one


Tornado Sausages: Probably the only disappointment of the night. Chicken sausage in herbed pancake batter, fried and served with ketchup and honey mustard sauce


Classic Chilly Paneer: The oriental dishes at Effingut have always surprised me, let alone other cuisines. This one is no different either. Brilliantly prepared with softest of paneer cubes.


Effza: Now this is Effingut’s take on pizza and calzone. Why you ask? Well its indeed a combination of pizza and a calzone. Rolled up pizza base stuffed with cheese. Its really good. But I would have been a fan if the stuffing was more of cheese rather than what it actually is. Not to forget the drool worthy cheese sauce served along.



So already stuffed with the starters, we went tummy full into the mains.

Triple Schezwan Rice: And that’s the first time ever I had a chinese mains from EB. Pretty good. Schezwan chicken rice completely wrapped in an omelette and served with fried noodles.


Cheese makhani and Murg Dhaniya did justice to their names. Whereas the 3 cheese spinach ravioli was brilliant and was served with yummy garlic bread.



Beeramisu: Just as the name suggests, this one is the beer version of Tiramisu and they have nailed it big time. The version we have tried was soaked in lager. Now that the coffee porter is back on tap, it should be legendary.


Sizzling Brownie: The best sizzling brownie I have ever had, hands down. Gooey walnut brownie topped with vanilla ice cream , burnt in alcohol and topped with some chocolate sauce. The platter is a treat to the eyes as well.


Effingut Brewerz, KP, has always excited the crowd with their amazing beers, food and service and the Baner branch is at it right from Day 1. Apart from a few teething problems initially, the place simply rocks. Effingut is and will always be my adda !!

Keep Chugging, Keep Chowing

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