Brunch At the Burrow | Playboy Beer Garden | Pune


Ever since PBBG set foot in Pune, they were never shying away from trying out innovative stuff. Initially a launch party with Sunny Leone on the house, followed by Live music, famous DJs, Seasonal menus, Cake mixing for Xmas and what not? What’s in PBBG store this time around is the Sunday Brunch.


Known by ‘Brunch At The Burrow’, the deal offers live grills, egg station, classic cocktails, sangrias, bubblies at the mimosa bar, sundae dessert counter, live oriental counter, a rejuvenating foot spa, an illusionist and some fantastic live music. .

The rate card says this-

Rs. 849 ( Food )

Rs. 1199 (Food + Beer + Sangria)

Rs. 1499 (Food + IMFL + Classic Cocktails)


Beef Carpaccio with Pickled Veggies: This Italian fare was what I kicked off my brunch with. And it was a wonder. Thin sliced beef topped with pickled veggies and herbs in olive oils.


BBQ Pork Salad with pokchoy, malta orange and oriental dressing: BBQ glazed pork cubes garnished with pokchoy and malta oranges. The oriental dressing indeed went well with the BBQ pork and the sweetness of the oranges.


Moroccan Spiced Lamb and refried beans tartlet: Tarts anyone. Minced lamb in brilliant Moroccan preparation with beans. The crunchy tart goes well with the lamb and beans!


Tamarind Chicken with Grilled Scallion and chili flakes: They are really good with their salads. Chicken prepared with a hint of tamarind. The sourness of the tamarind is well balanced with the use of grilled scallions and the chili flakes.


Italian Fusilli Pasta with Sundried tomatoes, olives and basil: While the preparation was standard and good, the fusilli was undercooked and hence we stayed away from it.


Mix Sprouts Salsa and Garlic Croutons, Broccoli – chickpeas – onion rings with greek feta were other salads on the display. Special mention to the corn and garlic mousse with crispy melba toast which was good enough to be had as it is, or even with the salads or breads.


Corn flakes, muesli, chocos with hot or cold milk, assorted breads, cold soups, fresh cut veggies, cheese platter, assorted juices, and flavored waters were also up for grabs. An ice cream counter with 11 toppings to choose from was another delight.


Mimosa Bar…

One of the highlights of the brunch is definitely the Mimosa bar. Well presented. Cherries, Orange wedges, pineapple, kiwi and green apple among the fruits. Orange, mango, pineapple, cranberry etc among the juices. Select your choice of wine, add your choice of juice and top it with the fruit of your choice. I went ahead with the basic white wine topped with orange juice and topped with cherry and it was as refreshing as anything.



I have always loved the pizzas done by PBBG. They are always impeccable. Margherita, Mexican chicken and Peri peri chicken were the options and we were simply spoilt for choices. Equally good thin crust pizzas with the right amount of toppings and gooey cheese.


Live & Grill Stations…

Something which caught my eye the moment I entered Playboy was the live counter. I was even more happy to see some steak on the menu. Grilled chicken, fish, paneer, steak and pork ribs were on offer. Chicken and fish were grilled to perfection whereas the steak tasted slightly bland.


Masala Omelet: Tasted brilliant, but the waiting time was too much. Teething issues for the new brunch I suppose. I told my specification and was presented exactly what I had in mind.


Classic potato chops with rich cashew nut sauce and sautéed onions: A royal meal. Simply the best potato chops I have ever had and the fact that it came stuffed with kheema made it all the more special. Cashew nut sauce was nicely done and the sautéed onions topped was a delight to taste buds. Lovely presentation as well.


Mini tenderloin steaks with red pepper hollandaise and roasted garlic demi glaze: Though the steak from the live station didn’t live upto my expectations, this one exceeded all. Well done steak with hollandaise sauce with red peppers and a brilliant stock in the form of roasted garlic demi glaze. Accompanied by prime veggies, I didn’t have to think of other mains options.


Other mains included pan seared fish with roasted corn and pepper salsa and herb butter and grilled chicken with piccata sauce. Veg section was blessed with the likes of 1) Homemade pappardelle, zucchini laces, asparagus and black olives, 2) potato gnocchi with roasted pumpkin and sage butter, 3) Blackened cottage cheese steak on a bed of grilled vegetable and tomato emulsion and 4) Red pepper chilly risotto.


Like the other items,desserts were brilliant too. I just couldn’t get my hands off the Banan frosted creme brulee. Simply brilliant that was. Dutch truffle chocolate mousse and the dark chocolate tart with dates and fig compotes were nicely crafted.


All in all a perfect setup to spend a lovely sunday for a brunch. Something which no one can regret and something which you shouldn’t miss.

Keep Chugging, Keep Chowing


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