Get Nip-Ping @ Top Kapi


While the birth of bars/pubs in the city has been growing at an alarming rate, the existing and the new ones are burdened to find a USP for the place. Pune is surely spoiled for choices. “If nothing special, why should we visit them?” has been the general thought in the last year or so.

The new place in town is Top Kapi, a child of the ever famous Khaan Saab. So what’s the USP you ask me? Well the place is just to chill out over some alcohol and kebabs and biriyanis. A bar where you will get all the drinks you want, even have a quarter system, plus some lovely kebabs plus some veg options plus biriyanis. Period. If at all the customer wants to have something more, they can always head to Khaan Saab.



Murg Dhaniya Shorba: True to its names, lovely broth with flavorsome chicken and fresh dhaniya.



Hariyali Palak aur Sev Chaat: I would go back to Top Kapi just to have this. Crispy hariyali palak which was mind blowing, topped with sev some yogurt, theeka and meetha water (I am so bad with Indian names). Melt in mouth guaranteed.


Karara Paneer Kebab: Nice variation to the standard paneer kebabs. This one here is wrapped in wheat warqs. Deep fried paneer kebabs that’s it. Sounds yummy? Well it absolutely was!


Murg Malai Kebabs: Chunks of chicken marinated in fresh malai and kebab’d. Usually the malai kebabs are mild and less on spice levels. One bite of this one ensures a blast of spices in mouth.


Gosh ke Gappe: Well, no words for this one. A must have. Crispy tiny puris stuffed with brilliantly prepared tender mutton. Taste it to believe it.


Kebab Sarson Mahi s: Fresh mahi fillet coated in mustard sauce and char grilled. The freshness of the fish, the smoky flavor from the char grilling gives a certain kick to the dish.


Tandoori Bharwan Khumb: A decent preparation tandoori mushrooms. The mushroom comes stuffed with spinach and cheese.

Tundey Kebabs: So I had huge expectations for this one. Even after seeing the plate I was over excited. However, an overdose of spices made this one avoidable.



Murg Biriyani: Decent preparation and nothing much to wow about. Saffron flavored rice served with yummy chicken. However, once we were served Paneer Methi Corn biriyani, I started to have the chicken from chicken biriyani with paneer methi corn biriyani with had good flavored rice with corns and paneer.



Gulab Jamun: That’s one humongous gulab jamun. Served very hot and topped with some almond shavings, a treat I tell ya.


Khubani ka meetha: Well those who are ultimate sweets lovers should definitely try this one. Fresh apricots in sweet flavored syrup.


Top Kapi is indeed the place to be, if you are in that side of the town. Lovely ambiance, with some innovative drinks and food.


They have done pretty well where it matters the most. All the cocktails are a class apart and they are definitely not the regular cocktails you will get around. (Almost) all the cocktails are infused with certain spices which indeed takes us to a all new high.

Bloody Monk: Well well well. Who doesn’t fancy an old monk. Old monk topped with sprite and cranberry juicy and garnished with Orange Slice. The drink comes in huge margarita glasses and is a decently potent drink.


Fizzy Apple Cocktail: The name suggests it all. It has apple juice, its fizzy and yes, it has alcohol. One good peg of vodka with apple juice, sprite topped and lemon juice.


Spiced Tequila: A shot of tequila with lime juice and kiwi syrup with a pinch of Chaat Masala. I usually don’t go for spiced drinks, but somehow this one caught my attention and glad that I did !


Galangal Sour: Yes, it’s the whisky sour. Plus galangal, lime juice and cranberry juice. Totally a new dimension to sours and it did impress big time. The use of galangal indeed is the talking point here. Brilliantly done.


Red Wine Daiquiri, Mint Cooler, Classic Goose Sour, Pommy Garden were the other drinks served.

Top Kapi is definitely the place to be for a drink when you are in or around Seasons mall and its totally worth it.

Keep Chugging, Keep Chowing.


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