A dream that is Zora

Zora made a swift entry into the food scenes in Pune. With all the fusion food making noise in the city, it was finally time for some ‘progressive food’. More than a year has gone into the planning and execution of this project. The output – mindblowing.



Steamed Kheema Wonton Soup: Now this is unbelievable. I would have been happy to keep eating/drinking this one right till then end. Amazingly prepared Wonton stuffed with Kheema in broth with ideal amount of spices, a must have.

Palak Dhaniya Shorba: Being a hardcore non vegetarian , I usually keep myself away from the veg stuff. But this one is an sheer exception. Flavourful soup with blast of palak and hint of Dhaniya.



The Peanut Chaat Salad in Kasundi: Well speaking about blast of flavours, we have another pioneer here. Crunchy peanuts, tomatoes, onions, cabbage drizzled with yummy mustard sauce. The mustard sauce does add to the kick.


Stir Fried Kali Mirch Fish in Kadi Patta dressing: Well cooked rawas mixed with three peppers , lettuce and finished with some yummy curry leaf sauce.


To begin – vegetarian…

Badami Yogurt Kebab with Chatpatta Imli Saunt: Soft and fluffy kebabs made of Yogurt with a hint of almond. Dip it in the imli saunt and you are in for a treat !


Mushroom and Cheese Bharwan Mirch: A unique preparation for me. Green Bharwan Mirch stuffed with mushroom, cream and Cheese. The dish is mild, yet elegant.


Tandoori Broccoli: I have had all the pan lookAsian, Italian , Mediterranean preparations of broccoli. The Tandoori version was a first for me. Perfect.


To begin – Non-vegetarian…

Bhut Jolokia Tandoori Murg: well bhut Jolokia is no child’s play. Spoiler alert , the dish is intense and everyone may not have what it takes to handle a bhut Jolokia dish. But for those who can , this is a wonder. Finger licking good Tandoori Murg prepared in red hot bhut Jolokia and ripped with cilantro foam.


Indian Spiced Lamb Chops: Well full marks for the Indian spices. However , the lamb chops, I have had better in Pune. A bit more tender meat would have worked wonders here.



Butter Chicken Lasagna: I have had Lasagna and I have had butter chicken , and it’s tough to find good butter chicken and good Lasagna around. And Zora serves this amazing butter chicken lasagna. Awesome butter chicken and brilliantly prepared Lasagna. The best item we had in the night.


Goan prawns balchao served with Gujrati theplas and hari Mirch ka thecha : Phew , the name describes the dish to the point. Brilliantly prepared prawns Goan style served with yummy theplas . The thecha added the extra zing to the dish.


Reshmi malai chicken tikka Biriyani: Yum. Well prepared Biriyani with brilliant flavours, with soft and tender Reshmi malai tikka accompanied by pomegranate raita.


Special mentions

Baingan steaks with coconut curry leaves gravy where the rice and gravy together was impeccable (not a baingan fan )


The buttermilk waffles with a hint of sweetness


Chicken dal kichdhi that broke all stereotypes and was brilliant


Chocolate Pani Puri with Bachpan ki yaadein: Ever since Zora opened, something which has been making noise is the CPP. Chocolate coated puris served with nutties, tutti frutti with chocolate and butterscotch dip. Need I say anymore?

Old monk chocolate cake: Get ready to get high. Yummy chocolate cake with good amount of alcohol served with brandy schnapps and malai vanilla ice cream.

Dark chocolate gulab jamun tart, tender coconut ice cream, caramel splat: Lovely presentation. Crunchy dark chocolate tart with gulab jamun with caramel drizzle. Even though the tender coconut ice cream was really good, I would prefer to have them separately.

Cheesecake: Simply the best.


All the mocktails were simply brilliant. Pomegranate and Rose Water Caipiroska, Dessert Martini, Guava cooler, Pine Berry and lemon zest Iced tea were the ones served. The interesting fact here was all the drinks served at the table were loved by most , which means their mocktails are kick ass – hands down. Read the description and choose the one which suits your taste , it’s a guarantee that it will be brilliant.

Zora is not a dream come true, it’s the dream itself.

Salute to Chef Priyanka, Mr. Joravar and the entire team of Zora for a lovely experience. A must visit indeed.

Keep chugging , keep chowing

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