Blue Water | Ravet | Pune

The one thing what comes to our mind when we hear Blue Water would be their impeccable ambiance. A well-lit outdoor seating, multiple levels of dining and rooftops, the place has it all. And above all this, good array of food and drinks.

Cocktails ( Innovatives)…

Paisaaa Wasoool Kesaar: Served in the classic Milk bottle, this drink is an innovative mix of Whiskey, Milk and Saffron. The drink, even though it has whisky, is very easy going drink. The milk and saffron was in ideal proportion with the whiskey to give a punch with a pleasant feel.


Thandaa Paan: Just as the name suggests, the drink is a flavorful combination of paan, white rum, mint and lemon. A very refreshing drink. Paan Mojito to be precise.


Kaalash Kundi: More of a Mexican preparation. Tequila, salsa, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, beer with a chili rim. Michelada to be precise.


Take Me High: Bacardi black, Kahlua, espresso shots topped up with coke, is a delightful drink aimed at those audience who love coffee. And yes, true to its name, the drink takes us high.


Haaard Sunstone: Personal pick of the night. Its Blue Water’s take on LIIT. As good as an LIIT, with that extra flavor from the cranberry juice. This took me high as well .



Crackling Spinach Cottage Cheese: Oriental preparation of paneer fingers coated and fried with mix spices and hint of spinach and served with a bed of spinach. The paneer was soft and the dish was well presented and yes, a good starter.


Cheesy Jalapeno: Well who doesn’t like a jalapeno popper as a starter? Giant cheese jalapeno was presented and disappeared in no time.

Royal Hara Bhara Kebab: It was royal indeed. Hara bhara kebab coated and deep fried served with a dollop of cream on top.


Chermoula Cottage Cheese Tikka: Fresh and succulent slabs of paneer in chermoula marinade. Decent dish and nothing too exceptional as well.


Wok tossed chilly with Chicken: Basically, chilly chicken. Well prepared with a check on the oil used unlike certain places. Perfect starter, spicy, to be had with the drinks.


Bhune Murg Ke Pasande and Nasila Kebabs were true to their names, yet nothing exceptional.


Cajun Spice Fish Finger: Though the Cajun spice could have been a lil more spicy, the dish as a whole, paired with some tartar sauce, impressed one and all on the table.



Chicken Tom Yum Soup: True to its original recipe, the soup had all the kick of the spices fragrant spices and herbs with a good variety of prime veggies and shredded chicken. The veggies in the soup could have been boiled a bit more, a good soup nevertheless.



Green Salad, Dahi Wada and Fruit Chat were served. As the whole world knows, green salad and fruit chat is green salad and fruit chat :p The Dahi wada was exceptional. Tiny wadas in fresh and creamy dahi. Yum



Dum Subj Jalandhari, Rara murg, assorted breads and jeera rice. Rich and flavorful subj, spicy rara murg with naan and jeera rice was good enough to satisfy my tummy and my heart to the fullest.



Gajar Halwa: A ghee-rich preparation of gajar ka halwa. I would have personally preferred it to be less sweet and short of ghee.

Gulab Jamun: Decent sized gulab jamun topped with shredded crispy almonds. Gulab Jamun was pretty good and the combination with almonds is yet another find.


Mango Ice cream was a standard fare.


Overall, Blue water is a delight. Right from the moment we step inside. Lovely ambiance, friendly staff, great food and some trippy cocktails. Yes, Blue Water is calling !!

Special thanks to Nitish Kamdar for having us over.

Keep Chugging, Keep Chowing.

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