Mexican Food Fest | Melange | Seasons, Apartment Hotel

Melange, the rooftop of Seasons Apartment Hotel is hosting a Mexican food fest until the 13th of this month. The rooftop known for its picturesque view 360 degree is host for some good food as well. A glimpse of the food served for Mexican Fest follows…


Sopa De Lima: Veg soup with carrots, zucchinis and hint of lemon topped with some tortilla chips. The soup was a point short on flavors, a not bad one to start with nevertheless.

Caldillo De Marisco: Seafood Soup. A flavorful combination of fish and squid accompanied with some breads.


Frijole Refritos: Tortilla chips served along with a plate of refried Mexican beans accompanied by Salsa Kruda and Salsa Verde. A decent starter.

Chile Rellenos: Chilies stuffed with Monterey Jack cheese and deep-fried with thick batter. The batter was bit oily and the saving grace came in the form of Monterey cheese which was used aplenty and helped the dish to be an ‘OK’ one.

Veg Tacos: Yum is the word. Crispy taco shells stuffed with veggies topped with cheese. Served with Guacamole, salsa and shredded cabbage, a must have dish from the fest.

Chimichangas Con Carne: Lamb chimichangas (deep-fried). Yet again the dish was bit too oily for my taste. The filling of lamb was however good.


Enchilada Con Verdure: Baked tortilla sheets stuffed with veggies (beans included) topped with tangy red sauce olives and cilantro. A decent mains for the vegetarians.

Mole Poblano De Pollo: Chicken prepared in chili sauce from Puebla had good amount of spices and a hint of sweetness. Well cooked chicken breast served with rice , tortilla chips , peppers and brown sauce.


Churros: My hunt for the best churros served in Pune ends here. It’s always tough to fry the dough without burning the outside, yet the inside is soft and they have nailed it. Served with caramel dip and chocolate dip, the Mexican fest is worth a visit only for these as well.


Michelada: A beer based cocktail. Stirred with tobasco, Worcestershire sauce and a splash of lime served on a salt rimmed beer bug is a treat to eyes as well as the taste buds. A good option for people who love beers and who wouldn’t mind some add-ons to it.

Scoville Sipper: A brilliant drink. A shot of tequila mixed with grenadine syrup and orange juice and topped with dark rum. (Drink from the glass instead of the straw for the rum to get mixed with the drink slowly as you drink)

Overall a decent fest to be visiting if you are in that side of the town. Pretty decent options and some which could have been better.

Keep Chugging, Keep Chowing

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