A dream that is Zora

Zora made a swift entry into the food scenes in Pune. With all the fusion food making noise in the city, it was finally time for some ‘progressive food’. More than a year has gone into the planning and execution of this project. The output – mindblowing.



Steamed Kheema Wonton Soup: Now this is unbelievable. I would have been happy to keep eating/drinking this one right till then end. Amazingly prepared Wonton stuffed with Kheema in broth with ideal amount of spices, a must have.

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Blue Water | Ravet | Pune

The one thing what comes to our mind when we hear Blue Water would be their impeccable ambiance. A well-lit outdoor seating, multiple levels of dining and rooftops, the place has it all. And above all this, good array of food and drinks.

Cocktails ( Innovatives)…

Paisaaa Wasoool Kesaar: Served in the classic Milk bottle, this drink is an innovative mix of Whiskey, Milk and Saffron. The drink, even though it has whisky, is very easy going drink. The milk and saffron was in ideal proportion with the whiskey to give a punch with a pleasant feel.


Thandaa Paan: Just as the name suggests, the drink is a flavorful combination of paan, white rum, mint and lemon. A very refreshing drink. Paan Mojito to be precise.


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The re-launch of one of the best night clubs in Pune brought smiles to many faces. No doubt they have reloaded and re-insured that the food and beverages section here is top notch.



Gin and Tonic

Gin & Tonic? Yes please. Penthouze wants to ensure that the drink which was born India needs to be promoted better. And they have some of the most amazing recipes on their menu.

The Indian Summer: Gin mixed with raspberry liquor topped with in-house tonic water and lime water with kaffir leaves and rosemary leaves. Brilliant.


The East India Tonic: Our very own Bombay Sapphire, mixed with in-house tonic water and lime juice with cucumber, star anise and bay leaf. Yet another Gin & Tonic that Penthouze nailed.


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Farzi Cafe | Kalyani Nagar | Pune

Got an invite from #TrellPune to cover the recently opened Farzi Café, a brainchild of the “Prince of Modern Cuisine in India” – Zoravar Kalra; and the chugger and chower in me were ecstatic.

Amuse Bouche…

Mishti Doi: A perfect Amuse Bouche to start with. Mishti Doi topeed with dollops of strawberry coulis. Served with the magical illusion of smoke using dry ice, the dish was a visual and culinary treat.


Farzi Apple Foamintini: Farzi Signature Apple Martini with foam and smoke. Perfect amount of alcohol with zing of apple martini is a must have.

Chai Pani and Bottle Ka Gin are definitely on top of the list to have from Farzi. Have it, to believe it.


Mini Raj Kachoris: A wonder dish. Miniature Raj Kachoris stuffed with yogurt and green chutney and topped off with spicy foam. The okra served along with it was a delight as well.

Dal Chawal Arancini: Well, the signature dish of Farzi Cafe has been making news ever since. Arancini balls stuffed with Dal Chawal on a bed of achar chutney topped with rolled papad and chutney foam is surely a delight to all Dal Chawal worshipers out there.

Tandoori Wild Mushrooms: Brilliant is the word. Morel and button mushrooms prepared in yummy white sauce with truffle and walnut dust.

Tempura Fried Prawns: Personal favorite of the day and it was simply ah-may-zing. Fresh and juicy jumbo prawns fried in tempura style topped off with nimbu mirchi air. This definitely is making me drool over it again.

Braised Lamb Chops was presented graciously and we all fell for it. However, the taste didn’t impress us much. The lamb was cooked to perfection alright, but the sticky sauce failed to leave a mark.

Chili Duck Samosa: A decent innovative dish altogether. Tender duck meat stuffed into a samosa and served with sweet plum sauce.

Chicken Changezi Quesadilla: Yet another brilliant dish. Spicy chicken preparation stuffed between what looks like a Farzified Ceylon Parotta. Nevertheless, a must have dish from here.

Karela Calamari is a highly talked about dish from Farzi. Sadly, this was not at all suiting my taste.


Chicken Tikka Masala: Or CTM as Farzi fondly calls it. Tikka Masala and Naans were literally served in a mini phone booth. A more than decent preparation of CTM, which went very well along with the naan is a good mains to go with.

Mutton Irachi Pepper Fry: Welcome to Kerala. Tender mutton in spicy pepper fry preparation served along with malabar paratha is simply mind blowing.

Bheja Fry: Fresh appams with filling of bheja fry topped with Cumin powder and coriander is an interesting main, a tasty one too.


Ras Malai Tres Leches: Something which would be happily received by all Ras Malai Lovers. Ras Malai with a layer of carrot cream and topped with rose petals is a must have.

Parle G Cheesecake: Cheese Cake sandwiched between two parley G biscuits topped with gems and dipped in milk custard with cookie dough essence.

Baileys Lollipop: Melt in mouth lollipops of baileys = mind blown.

Farzi is definitely more hits than misses and I can definitely say that its absolutely worth it. Pune can be glad that we are #Farzified now.

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Mexican Food Fest | Melange | Seasons, Apartment Hotel

Melange, the rooftop of Seasons Apartment Hotel is hosting a Mexican food fest until the 13th of this month. The rooftop known for its picturesque view 360 degree is host for some good food as well. A glimpse of the food served for Mexican Fest follows…


Sopa De Lima: Veg soup with carrots, zucchinis and hint of lemon topped with some tortilla chips. The soup was a point short on flavors, a not bad one to start with nevertheless.

Caldillo De Marisco: Seafood Soup. A flavorful combination of fish and squid accompanied with some breads.


Frijole Refritos: Tortilla chips served along with a plate of refried Mexican beans accompanied by Salsa Kruda and Salsa Verde. A decent starter.

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Savya Rasa | Koregoan Park | Pune

Savya Rasa has been creating buzz in the city ever since it opened doors to public. Amazing food, brilliant ambiance, courteous hospitality has all been synonyms of Savya Rasa.

Proud moment for Savya Rasa and Blogging community – they were generous enough to host a table for #MumbaiBloggers while on their trip to Pune, along with Pune Bloggers.


Chutney Paniyaram: Batter for dosa/idly seasoned with ginger,green chillies, grated coconut and crushed pepper. The paniyaram is stuffed with three type of chutneys and are shallow fried. One of the best from Savya Rasa.

Chanaga Pappu Vada: This is what we call parippu vada in Kerala. Bengal lentils mixed with chilies, ginger and spices deep fried and served with coconut and coriander chutney.

Koon Ularthiyathu: Mushrooms pan tossed with crushed black pepper, onions and curry leaves is a very spicy starter from the Kerala kitchen.

Kozhi Podi Varuval: An amazing starter with your drinks are these tiny pieces of chicken dry fry and stir-fried with sautéed onions and tomatoes till dry.

Royyala Iguru: Prawns, for me, has to be spicy. And here I found what I have been looking for. Prawns marinated in chilli paste, ginger, garlic, curry leaves and stir fried. Spicy and a perfect starter for your drinks


Pollachi Kari Kuzhambu: Yet again a delicacy from Tamil Nadu. Tender mutton pieces in gravy served with drumstick and aubergines. The curry is a burst of flavors with spices and condiments.

Batata Pathanja Gassi: A stew of potatoes and green gram served with garlic, tomato, onions and curry leaves.

Bun Porotta: The best of its kind I have ever eaten. Its a multilayered bread made using maida, eggs and butter and cooked on a griddle.

Neer Dosa: True to its name, this preparation of dosa was as delicate as it can get and had a melt in mouth feel. Goes well with the mutton curries.

Thalassery Meen Biriyani: Not a big fan of fish biriyanis but this one did steal my heart. Tender pieces of fish slow cooked with Biriyani rice. The fish was as fresh as it can get and the spice levels were just perfect.


Elaneer Payasam: Tender coconut in a mix of milk and coconut milk with a hint of cardamom and served chilled.

Kavuni Arisi Halwa: Kavuni rice roasted and cooked with milk and decorated with cashews.

Savya Rasa is all about food from cuisines all over South India and they can be proud of what they are serving. Absolutely traditional and classy. A special mention to the staff for their professionalism.

Special thanks to Team Carpe Diem for arranging a bloggers table on such a short notice. Here’s wishing Team Savya Rasa the very best going ahead.

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