Fine Dine @ Syrakko

A newly opened ‘fine dine’ restaurant located in 7th floor of Kapila Matrix building, has been making some news since its start. A shocker indeed in terms or the pricing and the quantities but does it do justice on the plate ? Let’s find out.

Amuse Bouche…

Watermelon and Tomato Gazpacho: A perfect gazpacho made from blending watermelon juice and tomato puree. The blend was so magical that we could distinctly taste the watermelon and tomato. The glass rim was coated with Hajmola sprinkler. A perfect start for the evening.


Roasted Pumpkin and Sage Veloute: I never knew that I would ever love a veg-based soup so much. Soup made out of pumpkin and sage topped with a few brioche croutons and sage oil. This could be vegetarians’ heaven.

Prawn and Garlic Chowder: Personal favorite. Always been a fan of chowders and this didn’t disappoint a bit. Creamy chowder served with croutons and couple of drops of brandy (maybe?). Prawns was fresh and worth mentioning. Taste it, to believe it.

Chicken & Almond Shorba: Rich Shorba served with chicken and finely chopped almonds. Seems like the competition for the best soup is so tough here that all the three soups are amazing in their own style and boy wasn’t the shorba amazing.


Pea Escalope: Escalope is usually prepared using any meat and rarely any veggies. Syrakko went out of the box and curated a pea escalope which was a pea patty stuffed with beetroot and balsamic paste. A very decent starter from the veg section.

Peanut Chutney stuffed Portobello: Yet another good starter from the kitchen. Portobello mushrooms stuffed with tangy peanut sauce which is another treat to our taste buds.

Malai Prawn Tartlet: One of the best starters for me. Amazingly fresh prawns cooked to perfection in cream cheese and cashew paste served on a bread biscuit.

Prawn and Coconut Salad: A salad that’s on the spicy side. Fresh prawns served along with pineapple, tender coconut and veggies with madras curry dressing. An above average salad.

Murgh Thecha Kebab: Yummy tender chicken kebabs topped with Green thecha ( authentic Maharashtrian Thecha). The tomato thecha is noteworthy and its served as a side sauce. Solkadhi is also served along the dish. A must have from Syrakko.

Shish Taouk: Chicken marinated in Mediterranean herbs and cooked in tandoor oven. The dish didn’t turn out the way I was expecting. I felt that the chicken pieces were bit overcooked. A fine tuning here and there could bring wonders to this dish.

Lamb Shammi Kebab: One dish which we were all looking forward to. Maybe because the expectations were high for the kebab, we were not 100% satisfied. Minced lamb patty infused with some cheddar served with mint and yogurt chutney.


Pan Asian Ravioli: I have never had a bad ravioli. Syrakko’s was no different. Ravioli stuffed with tofu, water chestnut and shiitake mushrooms tossed in a black bean and scallion sauce is definitely a good mains for the veg lovers.

Mediterranean Risotto: Risotto was never a favorite for me, and there’s hardly a time I hog on Vegetarian main courses. Thanks to Syrakko, I simply loved this amazing risotto with olives, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms which was cooked in tomato base topped with parmesan. Yum.

Coastal Prawn Curry: Felt like Goa on a plate. Amazingly prepared Prawns in lightly spiced gravy, coastal style, served along with an interesting cold mango jalapeno curd rice and topped with a roasted pappad. A must try from Syrakko.

Prawn & Goan Chorizo Risotto: There are a few interesting things about the dish. First of all, the risotto was cooked in shell fish broth, which was not bad. Secondly, minced pork sausages were used, which could have been better if they used finely cut sausages instead of minced. Finally, the dish had amazingly fresh prawns topped with sour cream.

Herb Roasted Chicken:was another interesting mains. Tender crunchy chicken breast served on a khichdi of zucchini, sundried tomatoes and broccoli and topped with creamy sauce Veronique.

Desserts were inexplicably amazing. Espresso Phirni is a coffee lovers delight which had a double espresso flavored phirni served along with tiramisu granita.

Salted Chocolate Mousse  and Dark Chocolate Fondant are arguable one of the best we get in Pune.

Syrakko is no cheap affair and head over to Syrakko once in a while to tickle your taste buds with amazing experiments from the kitchen.Syrakko is all about fusion food. Almost all the dishes are not authentic, but the Chef’s take on certain authentic dishes.

Keep Chugging, Keep Chowing

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