Irish Village | Mundhwa | Pune

Irish Village is a renowned Microbrewery in Pune known for its craft beers and ambiance. Recently they revamped their food menu and The B Team was lucky enough to get called up for an exclusive food & beer tasting session.

The ambiance is much to look out for. The decor is brilliant and the remodelled bike kept for display is super sexy. IV boasts an AC section, an outdoor section and some cabanas. The staff are courteous and well informed about beer and food.

The Brews…

German Wheat: The basic beer found in almost every brewery is the German Wheat. Wheat beer with ingredients such as spices and fruits makes the beer so refreshing and easy going. Reasonable head and less after taste, a decent brew from IV.

American Pale Ale: The best brew IV has ever brewed, hands down and easily one of my favorite beer in the city right now. The style is so close to IPA and this version uses the American Hops. Highly recommended for beer enthusiasts who fancy the hoppier (bitter) beers. Lingering after taste is an added point.

Dunkelweissen & Oatmeal Stout: Dunkelweissen is a dark wheat beer and the oatmeal stout is a beer with roasted flavors. While I fancy dark beers, this one was not my cup of tea (read beer) and stouts are never my type, but they had takers from the table as well.


Peri Peri Wings: Juicy and succulent chicken wings coated in spicy sauce prepared in house. Really good starters with the beers.

Chicken Goujons: Looked like a starter for the kids, but once we started having it, it was over within seconds. Nicely cut chicken breast marinated in herbs and dijon mustard and crumb fried.

Grilled Squid: Pan seared squid served with rucola leaves. Squids are always touch and go. IV got the combination right and presented one of the best grilled squids in the city and was not chewy at all.

Scotched Eggs: Minced chicken coated with fine crumbs stuffed with boiled eggs and deep fried. It tasted as good as it sounded and qualified for a good starter.

Smoked Croquettes: Yet another crumb fried dish. A mix of smoked potatoes and cheese coated in crumbs and deep fried. Special mention to the constant smokiness taste from the potatoes made the dish all the more special and true to its name.

Stuffed Mushrooms: Mushrooms stuffed with cheddar cheese & jalapeno drizzled with olive oil and baked. A decent preparation.


BBQ Pizza: Thin crust pizza topped with barbecue chicken caramelized onions, sundried tomatoes and mozzarella. Generous toppings and the right preparation of barbecue chicken.

Double or Nothing: A personal favorite and an ultimate treat for meat lovers. Pizza base stuffed with mince chicken and cheese and topped with roasted chicken and olives.

Fish Fillet in White Wine sauce: Pan seared fillet of basa served with assorted boiled veggies with white wine sauce. This was an absolute winner.

Rattling Chicken Sizzler: Grilled chicken topped with home made village sauce served on a bed of boiled veggies. If it wasn’t for the chicken being overcooked, this would have been a really good mains.

Sumac Crusted Grilled Chicken: Chicken breast served with thick mushroom sauce, buttered veggies and mashed potatoes. The chicken used here was a tad overcooked as well, but the preparation was really commendable.


Sticky ‘O Brown: Fat walnut brownie served on toffee caramel sauce topped with vanilla ice cream. This is a sheer treat for ultimate sweet tooth.

Semi Fredo: Finally a well prepared semi fredo. Texture of a mousse and semi frozen feel in every bite takes you to another level.

A really good experience overall. Other than the overcooked chicken, almost everything else was rightly done. Hoping to see them brewing more brews and here’s wishing Team IV all the very best.
Keep Chugging, Keep Chowing



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