Breaking Bread | Food Truck | Aundh, Pune

Seems like Pune is now in the ‘Food Truck’ era. Almost everywhere you see new food trucks spring up every now and then. Good food at reasonable price to say the least. Nishith Shetty, Kaustubh Bhagnure, Niraj Shetty and Niranjan Tilak could not have found out a better name – a love for Breaking Bad maybe ?

Zazz Media organized a tasting @ Breaking Bread.

The truck is neatly maintained. The combination of red and blue paints looks good on it and they have got some hilarious one liners from BB and even phrases related to food.

Virgin Kokam Mojito: A drink with a good kick. A perfect start to the hot evening indeed. Kokum overload with a hint of mint and right amount of sugar.

Hot Mess: House fries topped with spicy beans, salsa fresca, sour cream and tiny cheese cubes. The Mess could very well be the USP of the place and they have nailed it.

Chicken In A Mess: The meaty version of the hot mess. House fries topped with spicy grilled chicken, beans, salsa and cheese.

Cajun Cottage Cheese and Potato Burger: Cottage cheese and potatoes made into patty with in-house cajun spices topped with lettuce and tomatoes. A must have for veggies

Pune Toasties: Indian spiced mashed potatoes, onions and tomatoes stuffed between 2 jumbo sandwich bread slices. Yet another must try for vegetarians.

Chicken Toasties: Jumbo toasts stuffed with Shredded chicken in signature sauce with chopped veggies.

Jerk Chicken: Chicken marinated, carribean style and char grilled served along with pineapple slaw and chipotle mayo is a must try at Breaking Bread.

The Goan Chicken Burger: A dish, with some tweaking, could be my next favorite from BB. Goan style preparation of chicken cubes served with tomatoes and lettuce.

Banoffee Sandwich: Dessert needs improvement. The use of cheese is still a question mark and the use of burger bun is still a question mark. Even though the combination of caramelised banana, Nutella, condensed milk and peanut butter was brilliant, if made on regular sandwich breads and without the use of cheese, could do wonders.

Breaking Bread is here to stay and they have derived the formula to succeed with a Food Truck. Here’s wishing them the very best and looking forward to see more on the menu

Keep Chugging, Keep Chowing

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