La Terazza | Restaurant Week India

Restaurant Week India recently concluded it’s first ever outing in Pune. OLA Prime presents Restaurant Week Pune was a huge success and boasted a line-up of the top most restaurants in Pune offering brilliant delicacies.

I opted for La Terraza as part of the invite to cover Restaurant Week India .


Parma Ham Wrapped Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese: The most fresh mozzarella cheese chunk one can find wrapped with imported high quality Parma Ham thin sliced is a treat. Topped with garlic and served with lettuce and olives in vinaigrette.

Main Course

Traditional Tenderloin Lasagna: Layered pasta filled with generous topping of tenderloin and ragu in béchamel sauce and topped with parmesan cheese. A go-to dish for beef lovers, this one did tickle my taste buds big time.

Pollo di La Terazza: Chicken marinated with honey, chili and herbs and pan seared, served with potato and cherry tomato salad. The chicken was marinated to perfection and the meat was succulent. Special mention to warm potatoes and cherry tomato salad. A complete dish.


Dark Chocolate Cheesecake: Now this was tailor made for me. Being an ardent dark chocolate and cheesecake lover, the DCC was an absolute stunner. One helping and you are sorted.

Chocolate Fondant with Vanilla Ice Cream: I have never had a bad chocolate fondant. This fondant disguised as a chocolate lava was simply death by chocolate. Thanks heavens for Chocolate !


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