Rendezvous of Food Lovers | Pune

All are aware about the common abbreviation ROFL which means Rolling on the floor laughing. But what does that have to do with food ? Well, Ms. Anuradha Bhatkar rightly named her restaurant ROFL which expands to Rendezvous of Food Lovers.

The tasting was so special, which started off by the staff greeting us with roses, followed by print on tables which read “ROFL Welcomes TheBTeam”. We really hoped the food was as good as their welcome was, and there was no disappointment there as well.

Mocktails: Cranberry cooler was my favorite from the lot. Cranberry solution on crushed ice topped with mint leaves and lime wedges. Lime ‘n’ Mint was the standard virgin mojito and Green Apple was a mojito with twist of apple.

Smoothies: The Mango Smoothie was perfectly prepared mango thick shake. The strawberry smoothie was a tad sweet.

Chicken & Ham Omelette: One of my favorite omelettes from the lot. Omelette stuffed with chicken ham and gooey cheese is a perfect breakfast option.

Spanish Omelette: Omelette stuffed with chopped onions, mushrooms and potatoes. Brilliant preparation with right amount of ingredients used.

Masala Omelette: Standard version of omelette stuffed with mushroom and cheese garnished with peppers and carrots.

All omelettes are served with toasts.

BBQ Chicken Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette: Grilled chicken, Chicken Salami, eggs, potatoes, cherry tomatoes, olives and lettuce tossed in Balsamic Vinaigrette. I would have loved the salad more if they had used a tad lesser vinaigrette and fresher lettuce leaves.

The Coleslaw Sandwich: Pretty basic and regular sandwich which may not be a regular choice, but not bad either. Coleslaw stuffed between 2 breads is an average affair.

Veg Club Sandwich: The best of the lot. Veg patty, tomatoes and cucumber with chutney is a must have. Special mention for the Veg patty which was simply outstanding.

BBQ Chicken Sandwich: Who wouldn’t want to devour a BBQ Sandwich. Grilled chicken tossed in barbecue sauce sandwiched between toasts is a treat.

Penne Pasta in Pink Sauce: One of the best pink sauce pasta I have had in the recent past. The tangyness of the red sauce and the creamy white sauce blended well together with the penne resulting in an incredible culinary treat. Garlic bread served along was also pretty good.

Spaghetti in Pesto Sauce: Spaghetti tossed in yummy pesto sauce and topped with sundried tomatoes. Usually the pesto sauce used at other places tends to get dense, but this sauce was an example on how a pesto sauce should be.

Chocolate Brownie with Ice cream: No one can go wrong with this one, can they ? Yummy warm walnut brownies topped with vanilla ice cream, as always, was a delight.

Apple Pie: Interesting one. Apples stewed in caramel sauce made into a pie topped with ice cream and served along with some apples stewed in red wine sauce. If you don’t mind the hint of cinnamon in your pie, this one’s for you.

Cherry on top was indeed a black forest cake with cherries on top which read ‘Thank you B Team, From ROFL’ which was a commendable gesture from Team ROFL. With such courteous and knowledgeable staff, and a good pioneer to run the show, Team ROFL is gonna go places. Here’s wishing Ms Anuradha and Team ROFL the best wishes going ahead.

Keep Chugging, Keep Chowing



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