#Adda – Creating ripples across the city

From the moment they opened to public and till now, Adda has been making the headlines for good. Adda which literally means a perching spot for birds, has another meaning which says is a hangout place.

Speaking to the B-Team, Mr. Chaitanya, the owner had a lot to tell about the place. Improvisation and their own take on all the food makes them unique indeed. They have even got variety of chairs, so that people can choose seats according to their personality ( interesting). They are even open to hosting Zumba/Yoga sessions etc.

A huuuuge place with a lot of tables provide a visual treat to all the customers. The decor is maintained so beautifully and uniquely. Vintage cars, cameras, recorders, suitcases, discs and what not. One would surely spend a good amount of time of the evening checking out all the antiques around.


Cheeseling Bhel: Childhood memories reloaded. Crunchy Cheeselings with shev, tomatoes and onions sprinkled with chilli powder and chaat masala is a good twist to the regular Cheeselings.

Disco Masala Pappad: Micro masala pappads with onion masala and sprinkled with some masala and Papad churri is the basic papad crushed and tossed with chili powder and masala


Khus Khus: A classy drink with mint and lime topped with Sprite and a hint of Khus. The presentation was brilliant with the drink served in vacuum press bags. A really good mocktail to have a go at.

Mango Colada: One of the occasions where I actually enjoyed mocktails. Presentation helps, but taste excels. Mango, coconut and cream combination seems to be brilliant. Blast of flavors and a feel-good drink

The Fish Bowl: Yet again a presentation treat. Blue curacao, splash of sprite, served in round fish bowls. Orange peels disguised as tine fishes were a fantastic idea.


Ko-Rum: My go-to drink for the night. White rum topped with sprite and served with a syringe full of kokum. Squirt the kokum into the drink and there you go.

Lota: A very simply, yet an elegant drink. Basic vodka, topped with orange juice and a dash of ginger.

Tamba: Whiskey, passion fruit, Mint and Lime would sound like an odd mix, but the drink was so perfectly mixed and is highly recommended.

Madh Island Ice Tea: Wanna go trippy tipsy ? Have the MIIT. A desi touch to the classic LIIT. Whisky, Rum, Brandy, Cola and Masala mix is the drink for the strong hearted (read liver).

Drink of the Champions: I have never seen a similar drink in Pune. Jaggermeister, Whisky, Red bull and Coffee. Are we here to stay awake all night or what ? Caffeine overload indeed.

Punchakarma: A very good punch indeed. This is a drink for a group and serves 3-4 people easily. White rum, dark rum, spices (cloves, star anise, cinnamon), Fruits (strawberry, orange and lemon wedges).


Nachos with Sour Cream and Salsa: Crispy nachos served along with sour cream and salsa. Unlike the regular Nachos we get around, there were no veggies topped on this one, but the sour cream and salsa were more than enough to devour em.

Jalapeno Poppers: If its Jalapeno poppers, it has to be from Adda. Breaking all stereotypes, Adda went ahead with the preparation using a whole jalapeno instead of the regular chopped ones. One jalapeno would have made roughly 3 cylinders, stuffed with cheese. Heaven in a plate.

Chicken 65: Basically a dish from Chennai, which uses a good amount of chili and the chicken is deep fried. The one at Adda uses the same chicken, except that they are later tossed in Oriental sauce to create a fusion. Very spicy and highly recommended to be had with your poison.

Veg and Chicken Tacos: Mini crispy taco shells filled with lettuce, onions, rice cheese and sour cream. Normal shells and spinach shells were used and the presentation is outstanding. The veg version uses rajma where as non veg has chicken.

Chicken Matka: One of the best dishes from Adda, hands down. Cubes of chicken marinated in traditional tikka preparation and cooked and served in earthen pot. Khada masala, cream and cheese guarantees an aromatic brilliance from the dish.Must have.


Tandoori Veg/Chicken Burger: Cottage cheese/chicken in standard tandoor preparation topped with onions, peppers, tomatoes, cheese and chutney mayo. Both the versions were good but the Paneer version stood out.


Burmese Bowl: Creamy rich coconut based gravy with succulent pieces of chicken served with mixed Burnt Garlic Rice. A 10/10 from me for this and very filling.

Chicken Tikka Bowl: Traditional Chicken Tikka masala served with ghee and saffron rice. An equally good rice bowl.

Desserts are available, but they are outsourced. From the ones we have tried, Red Velvet Jar, Gulab Jamun in Old Monk are recommended.

A great culinary experience overall and very surprised and happy to witness the kind of improvisation made on dishes, even the basic ones. A good evening with your friends for some good alcohol and amazing food, #Adda should be the place.

Keep Chugging, Keep Chowing.



Adda Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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