Fine Dine @ Syrakko

A newly opened ‘fine dine’ restaurant located in 7th floor of Kapila Matrix building, has been making some news since its start. A shocker indeed in terms or the pricing and the quantities but does it do justice on the plate ? Let’s find out.

Amuse Bouche…

Watermelon and Tomato Gazpacho: A perfect gazpacho made from blending watermelon juice and tomato puree. The blend was so magical that we could distinctly taste the watermelon and tomato. The glass rim was coated with Hajmola sprinkler. A perfect start for the evening.


Roasted Pumpkin and Sage Veloute: I never knew that I would ever love a veg-based soup so much. Soup made out of pumpkin and sage topped with a few brioche croutons and sage oil. This could be vegetarians’ heaven.

Prawn and Garlic Chowder: Personal favorite. Always been a fan of chowders and this didn’t disappoint a bit. Creamy chowder served with croutons and couple of drops of brandy (maybe?). Prawns was fresh and worth mentioning. Taste it, to believe it.

Chicken & Almond Shorba: Rich Shorba served with chicken and finely chopped almonds. Seems like the competition for the best soup is so tough here that all the three soups are amazing in their own style and boy wasn’t the shorba amazing.

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Waffles Hut | Amanora Mall | Pune

Located on the Ground Floor of the West Block in Amanora Mall is a compact space that houses Waffles Hut. Neither too huge nor too small, they have got a perfect place to eat some of the finest Waffles around.

Here is how the waffles spread went….

Belgian Chocolate Spread: This one is clearly an all time favorite for all the waffle lovers. Pure chocolate delight. Thick, hot delicious Belgian chocolate topped on amazingly made waffles is indeed a must try option once you visit Waffles Hut.

Banana Caramel Waffle: Caramelized banana topped on waffles  was a another delight. Perfect balance of the flavor of banana and caramel syrup topped. Not too sweet, but a perfect waffle for anytime of the day.

The Oreo Treat Waffle: Crumbled crunchy oreo biscuits on a layer of whipped cream. A sheer delight for oreo lovers.

Mango Waffles (Seasonal): Something which we all were eagerly waiting for. Fresh seasonal mangoes, beautifully cut served on fresh, piping hot waffles. We could not ask for anything better.

Pancakes: Three pancakes were served with different toppings: mangoes, chocolate spread and cinnamon dust. While mango pancake is seasonal, chocolate spread and cinnamon dust are available throughout. Not a big fan of cinnamon, I would always go for the chocolate spread pancake.

Apart from waffles and pancakes, we were served Cold Coffee, Masala Fries and Chili Garlic Potato Bites. Cold coffee was quite good. The amount of sugar went in was minimal and hence could enjoy the drink after all the dose of waffles and pancakes. Masala Fries and potato bites helped us from being sugar high 😉

Waffles Hut have never failed to impress and they keep on delivering the best with consistency.

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Irish Village | Mundhwa | Pune

Irish Village is a renowned Microbrewery in Pune known for its craft beers and ambiance. Recently they revamped their food menu and The B Team was lucky enough to get called up for an exclusive food & beer tasting session.

The ambiance is much to look out for. The decor is brilliant and the remodelled bike kept for display is super sexy. IV boasts an AC section, an outdoor section and some cabanas. The staff are courteous and well informed about beer and food.

The Brews…

German Wheat: The basic beer found in almost every brewery is the German Wheat. Wheat beer with ingredients such as spices and fruits makes the beer so refreshing and easy going. Reasonable head and less after taste, a decent brew from IV.

American Pale Ale: The best brew IV has ever brewed, hands down and easily one of my favorite beer in the city right now. The style is so close to IPA and this version uses the American Hops. Highly recommended for beer enthusiasts who fancy the hoppier (bitter) beers. Lingering after taste is an added point.

Dunkelweissen & Oatmeal Stout: Dunkelweissen is a dark wheat beer and the oatmeal stout is a beer with roasted flavors. While I fancy dark beers, this one was not my cup of tea (read beer) and stouts are never my type, but they had takers from the table as well.


Peri Peri Wings: Juicy and succulent chicken wings coated in spicy sauce prepared in house. Really good starters with the beers.

Chicken Goujons: Looked like a starter for the kids, but once we started having it, it was over within seconds. Nicely cut chicken breast marinated in herbs and dijon mustard and crumb fried.

Grilled Squid: Pan seared squid served with rucola leaves. Squids are always touch and go. IV got the combination right and presented one of the best grilled squids in the city and was not chewy at all.

Scotched Eggs: Minced chicken coated with fine crumbs stuffed with boiled eggs and deep fried. It tasted as good as it sounded and qualified for a good starter.

Smoked Croquettes: Yet another crumb fried dish. A mix of smoked potatoes and cheese coated in crumbs and deep fried. Special mention to the constant smokiness taste from the potatoes made the dish all the more special and true to its name.

Stuffed Mushrooms: Mushrooms stuffed with cheddar cheese & jalapeno drizzled with olive oil and baked. A decent preparation.


BBQ Pizza: Thin crust pizza topped with barbecue chicken caramelized onions, sundried tomatoes and mozzarella. Generous toppings and the right preparation of barbecue chicken.

Double or Nothing: A personal favorite and an ultimate treat for meat lovers. Pizza base stuffed with mince chicken and cheese and topped with roasted chicken and olives.

Fish Fillet in White Wine sauce: Pan seared fillet of basa served with assorted boiled veggies with white wine sauce. This was an absolute winner.

Rattling Chicken Sizzler: Grilled chicken topped with home made village sauce served on a bed of boiled veggies. If it wasn’t for the chicken being overcooked, this would have been a really good mains.

Sumac Crusted Grilled Chicken: Chicken breast served with thick mushroom sauce, buttered veggies and mashed potatoes. The chicken used here was a tad overcooked as well, but the preparation was really commendable.


Sticky ‘O Brown: Fat walnut brownie served on toffee caramel sauce topped with vanilla ice cream. This is a sheer treat for ultimate sweet tooth.

Semi Fredo: Finally a well prepared semi fredo. Texture of a mousse and semi frozen feel in every bite takes you to another level.

A really good experience overall. Other than the overcooked chicken, almost everything else was rightly done. Hoping to see them brewing more brews and here’s wishing Team IV all the very best.
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Breaking Bread | Food Truck | Aundh, Pune

Seems like Pune is now in the ‘Food Truck’ era. Almost everywhere you see new food trucks spring up every now and then. Good food at reasonable price to say the least. Nishith Shetty, Kaustubh Bhagnure, Niraj Shetty and Niranjan Tilak could not have found out a better name – a love for Breaking Bad maybe ?

Zazz Media organized a tasting @ Breaking Bread.

The truck is neatly maintained. The combination of red and blue paints looks good on it and they have got some hilarious one liners from BB and even phrases related to food.

Virgin Kokam Mojito: A drink with a good kick. A perfect start to the hot evening indeed. Kokum overload with a hint of mint and right amount of sugar.

Hot Mess: House fries topped with spicy beans, salsa fresca, sour cream and tiny cheese cubes. The Mess could very well be the USP of the place and they have nailed it.

Chicken In A Mess: The meaty version of the hot mess. House fries topped with spicy grilled chicken, beans, salsa and cheese.

Cajun Cottage Cheese and Potato Burger: Cottage cheese and potatoes made into patty with in-house cajun spices topped with lettuce and tomatoes. A must have for veggies

Pune Toasties: Indian spiced mashed potatoes, onions and tomatoes stuffed between 2 jumbo sandwich bread slices. Yet another must try for vegetarians.

Chicken Toasties: Jumbo toasts stuffed with Shredded chicken in signature sauce with chopped veggies.

Jerk Chicken: Chicken marinated, carribean style and char grilled served along with pineapple slaw and chipotle mayo is a must try at Breaking Bread.

The Goan Chicken Burger: A dish, with some tweaking, could be my next favorite from BB. Goan style preparation of chicken cubes served with tomatoes and lettuce.

Banoffee Sandwich: Dessert needs improvement. The use of cheese is still a question mark and the use of burger bun is still a question mark. Even though the combination of caramelised banana, Nutella, condensed milk and peanut butter was brilliant, if made on regular sandwich breads and without the use of cheese, could do wonders.

Breaking Bread is here to stay and they have derived the formula to succeed with a Food Truck. Here’s wishing them the very best and looking forward to see more on the menu

Keep Chugging, Keep Chowing

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La Terazza | Restaurant Week India

Restaurant Week India recently concluded it’s first ever outing in Pune. OLA Prime presents Restaurant Week Pune was a huge success and boasted a line-up of the top most restaurants in Pune offering brilliant delicacies.

I opted for La Terraza as part of the invite to cover Restaurant Week India .


Parma Ham Wrapped Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese: The most fresh mozzarella cheese chunk one can find wrapped with imported high quality Parma Ham thin sliced is a treat. Topped with garlic and served with lettuce and olives in vinaigrette.

Main Course

Traditional Tenderloin Lasagna: Layered pasta filled with generous topping of tenderloin and ragu in béchamel sauce and topped with parmesan cheese. A go-to dish for beef lovers, this one did tickle my taste buds big time.

Pollo di La Terazza: Chicken marinated with honey, chili and herbs and pan seared, served with potato and cherry tomato salad. The chicken was marinated to perfection and the meat was succulent. Special mention to warm potatoes and cherry tomato salad. A complete dish.


Dark Chocolate Cheesecake: Now this was tailor made for me. Being an ardent dark chocolate and cheesecake lover, the DCC was an absolute stunner. One helping and you are sorted.

Chocolate Fondant with Vanilla Ice Cream: I have never had a bad chocolate fondant. This fondant disguised as a chocolate lava was simply death by chocolate. Thanks heavens for Chocolate !

Rendezvous of Food Lovers | Pune

All are aware about the common abbreviation ROFL which means Rolling on the floor laughing. But what does that have to do with food ? Well, Ms. Anuradha Bhatkar rightly named her restaurant ROFL which expands to Rendezvous of Food Lovers.

The tasting was so special, which started off by the staff greeting us with roses, followed by print on tables which read “ROFL Welcomes TheBTeam”. We really hoped the food was as good as their welcome was, and there was no disappointment there as well.

Mocktails: Cranberry cooler was my favorite from the lot. Cranberry solution on crushed ice topped with mint leaves and lime wedges. Lime ‘n’ Mint was the standard virgin mojito and Green Apple was a mojito with twist of apple.

Smoothies: The Mango Smoothie was perfectly prepared mango thick shake. The strawberry smoothie was a tad sweet.

Chicken & Ham Omelette: One of my favorite omelettes from the lot. Omelette stuffed with chicken ham and gooey cheese is a perfect breakfast option.

Spanish Omelette: Omelette stuffed with chopped onions, mushrooms and potatoes. Brilliant preparation with right amount of ingredients used.

Masala Omelette: Standard version of omelette stuffed with mushroom and cheese garnished with peppers and carrots.

All omelettes are served with toasts.

BBQ Chicken Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette: Grilled chicken, Chicken Salami, eggs, potatoes, cherry tomatoes, olives and lettuce tossed in Balsamic Vinaigrette. I would have loved the salad more if they had used a tad lesser vinaigrette and fresher lettuce leaves.

The Coleslaw Sandwich: Pretty basic and regular sandwich which may not be a regular choice, but not bad either. Coleslaw stuffed between 2 breads is an average affair.

Veg Club Sandwich: The best of the lot. Veg patty, tomatoes and cucumber with chutney is a must have. Special mention for the Veg patty which was simply outstanding.

BBQ Chicken Sandwich: Who wouldn’t want to devour a BBQ Sandwich. Grilled chicken tossed in barbecue sauce sandwiched between toasts is a treat.

Penne Pasta in Pink Sauce: One of the best pink sauce pasta I have had in the recent past. The tangyness of the red sauce and the creamy white sauce blended well together with the penne resulting in an incredible culinary treat. Garlic bread served along was also pretty good.

Spaghetti in Pesto Sauce: Spaghetti tossed in yummy pesto sauce and topped with sundried tomatoes. Usually the pesto sauce used at other places tends to get dense, but this sauce was an example on how a pesto sauce should be.

Chocolate Brownie with Ice cream: No one can go wrong with this one, can they ? Yummy warm walnut brownies topped with vanilla ice cream, as always, was a delight.

Apple Pie: Interesting one. Apples stewed in caramel sauce made into a pie topped with ice cream and served along with some apples stewed in red wine sauce. If you don’t mind the hint of cinnamon in your pie, this one’s for you.

Cherry on top was indeed a black forest cake with cherries on top which read ‘Thank you B Team, From ROFL’ which was a commendable gesture from Team ROFL. With such courteous and knowledgeable staff, and a good pioneer to run the show, Team ROFL is gonna go places. Here’s wishing Ms Anuradha and Team ROFL the best wishes going ahead.

Keep Chugging, Keep Chowing


#Adda – Creating ripples across the city

From the moment they opened to public and till now, Adda has been making the headlines for good. Adda which literally means a perching spot for birds, has another meaning which says is a hangout place.

Speaking to the B-Team, Mr. Chaitanya, the owner had a lot to tell about the place. Improvisation and their own take on all the food makes them unique indeed. They have even got variety of chairs, so that people can choose seats according to their personality ( interesting). They are even open to hosting Zumba/Yoga sessions etc.

A huuuuge place with a lot of tables provide a visual treat to all the customers. The decor is maintained so beautifully and uniquely. Vintage cars, cameras, recorders, suitcases, discs and what not. One would surely spend a good amount of time of the evening checking out all the antiques around.


Cheeseling Bhel: Childhood memories reloaded. Crunchy Cheeselings with shev, tomatoes and onions sprinkled with chilli powder and chaat masala is a good twist to the regular Cheeselings.

Disco Masala Pappad: Micro masala pappads with onion masala and sprinkled with some masala and Papad churri is the basic papad crushed and tossed with chili powder and masala


Khus Khus: A classy drink with mint and lime topped with Sprite and a hint of Khus. The presentation was brilliant with the drink served in vacuum press bags. A really good mocktail to have a go at.

Mango Colada: One of the occasions where I actually enjoyed mocktails. Presentation helps, but taste excels. Mango, coconut and cream combination seems to be brilliant. Blast of flavors and a feel-good drink

The Fish Bowl: Yet again a presentation treat. Blue curacao, splash of sprite, served in round fish bowls. Orange peels disguised as tine fishes were a fantastic idea.


Ko-Rum: My go-to drink for the night. White rum topped with sprite and served with a syringe full of kokum. Squirt the kokum into the drink and there you go.

Lota: A very simply, yet an elegant drink. Basic vodka, topped with orange juice and a dash of ginger.

Tamba: Whiskey, passion fruit, Mint and Lime would sound like an odd mix, but the drink was so perfectly mixed and is highly recommended.

Madh Island Ice Tea: Wanna go trippy tipsy ? Have the MIIT. A desi touch to the classic LIIT. Whisky, Rum, Brandy, Cola and Masala mix is the drink for the strong hearted (read liver).

Drink of the Champions: I have never seen a similar drink in Pune. Jaggermeister, Whisky, Red bull and Coffee. Are we here to stay awake all night or what ? Caffeine overload indeed.

Punchakarma: A very good punch indeed. This is a drink for a group and serves 3-4 people easily. White rum, dark rum, spices (cloves, star anise, cinnamon), Fruits (strawberry, orange and lemon wedges).


Nachos with Sour Cream and Salsa: Crispy nachos served along with sour cream and salsa. Unlike the regular Nachos we get around, there were no veggies topped on this one, but the sour cream and salsa were more than enough to devour em.

Jalapeno Poppers: If its Jalapeno poppers, it has to be from Adda. Breaking all stereotypes, Adda went ahead with the preparation using a whole jalapeno instead of the regular chopped ones. One jalapeno would have made roughly 3 cylinders, stuffed with cheese. Heaven in a plate.

Chicken 65: Basically a dish from Chennai, which uses a good amount of chili and the chicken is deep fried. The one at Adda uses the same chicken, except that they are later tossed in Oriental sauce to create a fusion. Very spicy and highly recommended to be had with your poison.

Veg and Chicken Tacos: Mini crispy taco shells filled with lettuce, onions, rice cheese and sour cream. Normal shells and spinach shells were used and the presentation is outstanding. The veg version uses rajma where as non veg has chicken.

Chicken Matka: One of the best dishes from Adda, hands down. Cubes of chicken marinated in traditional tikka preparation and cooked and served in earthen pot. Khada masala, cream and cheese guarantees an aromatic brilliance from the dish.Must have.


Tandoori Veg/Chicken Burger: Cottage cheese/chicken in standard tandoor preparation topped with onions, peppers, tomatoes, cheese and chutney mayo. Both the versions were good but the Paneer version stood out.


Burmese Bowl: Creamy rich coconut based gravy with succulent pieces of chicken served with mixed Burnt Garlic Rice. A 10/10 from me for this and very filling.

Chicken Tikka Bowl: Traditional Chicken Tikka masala served with ghee and saffron rice. An equally good rice bowl.

Desserts are available, but they are outsourced. From the ones we have tried, Red Velvet Jar, Gulab Jamun in Old Monk are recommended.

A great culinary experience overall and very surprised and happy to witness the kind of improvisation made on dishes, even the basic ones. A good evening with your friends for some good alcohol and amazing food, #Adda should be the place.

Keep Chugging, Keep Chowing.



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