Oktoberfest @ Effingut Brewerks | Pune

Its that time of the year when its all about beers. The fest which is indeed dedicated to beers started years back in Germany and is now followed throughout the year, for the love of beer.

Effingut Brewerks, one of the finest breweries in town is hosting a 20 day fest as a part of the Oktoberfest. Special beers, dedicated german food and fun games are all a part of the event.

The Brews…

Effingut always has 8+ craft beers on their tap almost all throughout the year and for Okoberfest, they have a whopping 10 freshly brewed craft beers on tap.

Apple Cider, Strawberry Cider, Peach Ginger Melomel should definitely be the beer of your choice if you are planning to have a beer for the first time.

Coffee Porter is the only option among Porter/Stout category and they have nailed this one as well.

Hefeweizen, an all time favorite, is one of the best they have got here and this German Wheat beer is legendary.

Dopplebock is the strongest beer available. Ordinary Bitter and the English Amber Ale are the hoppiest beers on tap and the Amber Ale is a class in itself.

Berliner Weisse, brewed by Thean of the #EffinCrew is a special Sour beer which they have started serving from the first day of the fest. The mild, easy going beer should definitely be on your list of beers to have.

Marzen Lager, the Oktoberfest beer is not on tap yet, but lookout for it, its sure gonna be a best seller.

The food…

Effingut Hot Dog: Chicken sausages stuffed between soft hot dog buns with caramelized onions, sour cream and in house mustard. Well prepared with the right amount of condiments makes this a great dish to go with the beers.


Brotschnitten: Pulled chicken in brilliant barbecue preparation/ chicken ham with pickled veggies/cream spinach with pickled veggies topped on lightly toasted french bread. The Pulled chicken version stood out among the three.

Hackbraten: The taste of the mini meat loaf from last year’s Oktoberfest still makes me drool. This year was even better. Minced chicken with herbs and topped with demerara sauce.


Pastete: Hunnerpastete is creamy chicken paste made with fresh beer and honey mustard whereas Pilzpastete is its veg version which has creamy mushrooms. This one’s for the faint hearted (read not spicy), yet so good.

Doner: Aaahhh. The first bite of the pita oozes out the sour cream. More into the bread, you get the fresh German Coleslaw followed by yummy strips of grilled chicken. Go for it.


Potato Wedges: Well the wedges served at Effingut are the best ones I have ever had. Served along with their signature mayo dip, paired with some beers, nothing can go wrong!

CurryWurst: No German fests are ever complete without having a serving of the currywurst. With pork and chicken variants, I had ’em both but the pork bratwurst sausage stood out.


Mustard Chilli Chicken: Brilliantly prepared chilli chicken , but with a twist. Yes of course, its prepared in mustard sauce. The in-house mustard sauce makes the dish oh-so-delicious.


Szegediner: Meat lovers, here is what you are looking for. Succulent pork chunks slowly cooked in red wine and bacon strips which is served with dollops of potato dumplings and sauerkraut.


Black Forest Trifle: Standard black forest preparation using strawberry cider topped with whipped cream.


The Oktoberfest @ Effingut is something not to be missed. Priced at 1350 AI on Mon, Tue, Thu and 1700 AI on the other days, 8 pm to 11 pm, this is a steal hands down. Applause to Effingut for executing the Oktoberfest brilliantly.

Do not miss this.

Keep Chugging, Keep Chowing




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