Suraj Mani & The Tattva Trip | Blue Frog | Pune


“Part of you is flesh, part of you is spirit. As flesh you actually live, you go through life. Things happen and you have no control over things. But, there are times in life when you can actually change something and that’s when you have to access the spirit side of yourself”, said Suraj Mani 16 years back.

What Suraj said in the interview is true in all sense. The reason why they paint only one half of the face is simple. They want the world to ask them what it meant, and they want to shout out what it actually means. Think over it, think of all what you have gone through in the past years of your life. Can’t you just relate all the events just to the 3 sentences he stated?

The Tattva Trip is all about positivity. Suraj writes songs about life the way he sees it, or even the way he like to see it. Even if it’s a personal issue for him, he writes a song about it and tends to find peace with it. There is always room for something beautiful. But if its not, then Suraj finds an angle from which its beautiful and then sings about it. A very peaceful and a deep lesson which can and should be applied in our lives.

The lyrics gets life from Suraj’s vocals, Dinkar’s bass guitar, Naveen’s guitar and John’s Drums. Ladies and Gentlemen, Suraj Mani & The Tattva Trip…

Recently, they performed at Blue Frog, Pune, which witnessed an amazing crowd and an ultimate musical night.


Suraj Mani – Lead Vocals, acoustic guitar…

Personally for me, Suraj Mani and his lyrics played an integral part in me growing up and I am proud to have listened to him all throughout my teens and even now. It was such an honor to listen to him live. He simply startles the crowd with his stage presence and interactions. Always cheerful, interactive and witty.


Dinkar Nayak – Bass, backing vocals…

I would call him the ‘Baby faced assassin’. Even a silent assassin would do ;-). An aficionado of Bass guitar and perfect backing vocals for Suraj. A person who always stands there with a smile and delivers what is a result of pure passion and hard work.


Naveen Thomas – Electric/Acoustic Guitar…

I always had a preconceived notion that there was nothing to equal the pair of Suraj Mani and Baiju Dharmajan. I knew I was wrong when I heard Naveen playing. A master of six strings indeed. The solos played by Baiju were effortlessly played by him and his creations were inexplicable as well. The crowd was flabbergasted. A master of improvisations as well.


John Melvin – Drums…

He came, he played, he conquered. He did beat the hell out of those drums. Effortless, yet elegant. He ensured that his presence was heard, and it was heard high and hard. Special mention for his expressions throughout the show.


The Tattva Trippers have made their statements clear. They are here to stay. Moreover, they are here to influence. A special thanks to Blue Frog, Pune for having Suraj Mani & The Tattva Trip over. You guys, just earned respect aplenty. Looking forward to hearing more from Suraj Mani & The Tattva Trip and looking forward to hearing more in Blue Frog, Pune.


Photo Courtesy: Grid Box Studio

Keep Chugging, Keep Chowing


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