PlayBoy Beer Garden, Pune


The internationally acclaimed brand is now in India where they are planning Clubs, Cafes, Beer Gardens, Pubs, Lounges, Hotels and what not. PB Lifestyle has already gifted India the world’s first ever Playboy Beer Garden, in Pune. Apart from the Beer Garden, PB has a Club in Hyderabad and a beach club in Goa and are expected to open a club and a café in Mumbai and Gurugram respectively.


Playboy Beer Garden is located in Balewadi High Street, Pune. The ambiance is indeed much to talk about. They have got an outdoor and an indoor section. The indoor even has an exclusive VIP area. Walls are adorned with Playboy trademarked photographs of celebrities and of course, the legends of playboy. Outdoor section has wooden Oktoberfest benches with chiller tables. Private party area for 50 to 250 guests are also in the offing. You could very well take your furry friends to the garden as well, where they have got pet friendly arrangements. Big screen, and a wonderfully setup bar are other features.

The grand launch of the Playboy Beer Garden witnessed Sunny Leone and other stars from Bollywood. She even donned the role of a DJ and had spun some crazy tunes for the fans. Now that the Playboy is all settled in Pune, it was time for the much awaited Food Tasting session, thanks to Carpe Diem.


Very Berry Smoothie: True to its name, a thick smoothie shake made out of yogurt and vanilla sugar, which had a hint of apple juice along with equal doses of raspberry and blackberry puree. A perfect start to a warm evening and a heaven for teetotalers.


Wake Me Up: The drink was supposed to have fresh watermelon along with mint and shaken with orange juice and apple juice. However, the bartender seems to love watermelon so much that he used more of it and it simply overpowered the taste of the whole drink. Could consider as a good watermelon juice.


Orgy: Now don’t get carried away by the name. It’s a drink you naughty minds. A fusion of orange, guava and lychee into a glass. I hardly could taste lychee, but the orange and guava combination is quite good.


Cocktails & Shots…

Green Apple and Cucumber Martini: Personal favorite drink of the night. Vodka, shaken not stirred, with fresh apple, cucumber and apple puree blast. Perfect amount of alcohol, combined with distinct taste of apple as well as cucumber made my day.


Asian Mule: A decent drink made with premium South Asian ingredients. Vodka infused with Kaffir Lime leaves, lemon grass, Basil and galangal served with lemonade top up.


Burnt Pineapple Whiskey Sour: Bourbon (Jim Beam I suppose) served with burnt pineapple and pineapple juice. Amazing drink which provided an escape from the regular whiskey sour, thanks to the pineapples.


6 shot platter: The 6 shot platter came in 2 flavors. Tequila being the base, blue curacao and lime juice made one shot – Brain Freeze and passion fruit and sweet and sour mix made the second-Deep Down. Did we get Brain Freeze? Yes we did. Did we go Deep Down? Not literally :p. What’s so special about this drink? The presentation. The 6 shots are presented along with a wooden mug which had dry ice in it. On pouring water, dense clouds of smoke-like fog are created. Too much of chemistry here 


Amuse Bouche…

Watermelon Feta Cups: A perfect Amuse Bouche to start with. Watermelon cups topped with crumbled feta cheese and sweet basil. The juiciness of watermelon, crumbled, dry feel of feta and a sweet basil leaf to top it was a highly appreciated dish of the night.


Egg Prep…

Egg Decker: Interesting one here. An egg fondue to be precise. Scrambled egg, mixed with cheddar cheese fondue topped with spinach mornay – all these on a bed of hash. As good as it sounds, special mention to the potato wedges and grilled tomatoes served along.


Roasted Balsamic Beetroot Salad: I was never a fan of beetroot. However, this dish changed my entire view towards beetroots. Roasted Beetroot on a bed of balsamic dressing topped with feta cheese, rocket lettuce and some crispy walnuts. Taste it to believe it and yes, highly recommended.


Baby Patatasbravas with garlic Aioli: Beautifully presented potato loaded with beetroot and topped with some garlic aioli. Beetroot and potatoes do go well together.

Bean and Chevre Crostini: A crostini made out of mix of beans and Chevre cheese. The dish was bland and could be avoided.


Hooters Style Chicken Wings: All-time favorite wings in hooters style, tossed in in-house BBQ sauce. There was nothing exceptional about the dish. The wings were succulent and hence was fun eating the same.


Paneer Hariyali Tikka: Decent, standard preparation of Paneer Tikka. Simple presentation and the tikka went well with the mint chutney.


Lamb Gillaffi Sheekh: Minced lamb meat skewered in Sheekh, infused with cheese. The kebab was just average and the infused cheese was so less that one couldn’t get a taste of it. Though few other bloggers on the table liked the prep, it was a No for me.


Tres Mushroom Slider: Just as the name suggests, this was a slider whose patty was made out of three different type of mushrooms – wild, porcini and shitake. The sliders are served on a wooden strip. The patty was juicy and the burger was well prepared, however, it could have been better.


Thai slider, Prawn Patty: Sliders whose patty were made from infused Thai spices along with fresh prawns. As compared to its veg counterpart, this one excelled. Juicy prawn patty served topped with cheese and base of lettuce between 2 buns – yum.



Cagliari: A pizza named after a city in Italy should be, to say the least, delicious. PBBG simply nailed in baking this beauty. Thin crust pizza topped with ripened tomatoes, coarse pesto, wilted spinach, feta, red onions and hint of elephant garlic.



Penne with Smoked Cherry Tomato Sauce: Penne pasta served with smoked cherry tomato pink sauce along with prime veggies and garnished with Parmesan served along with garlic bread. Pretty good mains to start with, thanks to nice flavors of the preparation.


Champagne Risotto with Asparagus: Well-cooked Arborio risotto with asparagus, garnished with Parmesan with a Champagne finish. Yet another good mains as well.


Cottage Cheese Moussaka with Harissa: Soft and succulent grilled paneer moussaka in Harissa sauce preparation was an interesting dish.


Chicken Cafreal with Fondant Potatoes and Chili Jus: A fusion dish maybe? Chicken leg cooked Goan style served along with yummy Fondant potatoes and tapioca chips. An above average dish.

Meals in bowl…

Veg Thai Curry with aromatic rice: Perfect example of how aroma can floor you. Amazingly prepared Thai curry with a hell load of prime veggies. Started to drink it as a soup first, then paired it with some rice.


Banoffee Pie, Mixed Berry Eton Mess and Mango Cheesecake were the desserts served. Couldn’t have much of desserts so as to write about it. But the desserts were really good.


Overall, Playboy is the place to be to spend a chilled out evening. Apart from some minor polishing here and there, Playboy is all set to sail high.

Keep Chugging, Keep Chowing

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