Fuzion – Novotel | Pune

The world renowned Novotel group holds a spectacular property in Pune. Comprising of more than 5 restaurants including cafes, restaurants and a bar, they play hosts to a number of functions, daily.

The following write-up is a briefing of a set menu for a Chef’s table held at their Indo-Western restaurant, Fuzion.


Watermelon and Feta Rubik’s cube: Equal sized tiny cubes of watermelon and feta cheese arranged simultaneously forming a 3×3 Rubik’s cube (read a rubik’s cube of white and red color only). The presentation is an absolute wonder, topped with baby fennel leaves and extra virgin olive oil drizzle.


Stuffed Crisp Fried Wonton Sheets: Wonton rolls stuffed with cheese served along with pickled radish and chili honey. Fresh wonton sheets, fried to perfection, with gooey cheese is not only a visual treat, but a culinary one as well.


Tomato and Coriander Consomme: True to its name, the broth made from rich stock has the flavors of coriander seeds, fresh coriander and tomato. The ingredients could be tasted so distinctly and a brilliantly prepared consomme. Though my fellow blogger wanted to add a pinch of salt, I preferred the way it was presented.


Burning Log of Wood: Chef Shailender calls the classic souvlaki as the Burning Log of Wood. Chicken Souvlaki Roulade wrapped in banana leaf served with Greek Yoghurt and buttered poached potatoes. The souvlaki which was an extravagant treat for meat lovers, went well with the yoghurt. Special mention for the Poached potatoes which were incredible as well.


Palate Cleanser: Standard Indian Lemonade with Candied Fennel Seeds served in test tubes. Nothing fancy about the lemonade, but it served the purpose well – an ideal palate cleanser.


Paan Explosion: Being less of a paan lover, I wondered how this would go about. Surprisingly, this turned out to be one of the best desserts I have had in recent time. Freshly prepared in-house paan ice cream, layered with Aniseed Mousse garnished with Dehydrated Paan leaves crumb with a splash of Gulkand Chutney was a wonder dish. Everything on the plate was finger-licking good and the mousse was simply melt-in-mouth. Brilliant is the word.




There are a very few restaurants which can be termed as flawless and Fuzion could simply top the list. A salute to Chef Shailender and his team. Not to forget a mention for the ever-so-courteous display of service from the staff.

A special thanks to FBAI and Gourmeet Flavors for arranging a Chef’s table and having us over.

Keep Chugging, Keep Chowing

Fuzion - Novotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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