Spring Onion – A ‘No MSG’ delight



The first thing I noticed on entering the restaurant was a writing which said No MSG. I did not actually know what I felt. Could a Chinese restaurant really be MSG free ? Well, the experience was brilliant nevertheless.


An exclusive B Team tasting saw all of us together at a table in Spring Onion. Good food and amazing company- Can we ask for anything better ?


Lemon Coriander Soup: A clear soup with overload of veggies and generous portion of chicken. A very good start to the day.IMG_20160307_201704_1.jpg

Chicken Tom Yum Soup: Yet another chicken overloaded soup. This one’s tangy, sour with a hint of sweetness. Nothing wrong about it, but when the best dish of the day was about to follow, I wouldn’t worry much about Tom Yum.


Tom Kha: A winner. Not only among the soups, but from the entire range served on that day. Tom Kha could very well qualify as a dish too. Chicken, mushrooms, broccoli, french beans in tangy coconut base. The soup was so soothing and one of the best Tom Khas ever.



Paneer Burnt Coriander Dry: A rare dish. I have seen only at SO. Dry preparation of Paneer in a sauce made of burnt coriander. Well presented dish topped with coriander, was a visual treat as well.


Malaysian Pops: The description read wings and I was all prepared only to see a plate of Chicken Drumsticks. Disappointed, I started having it. Amazingly prepared Drumstick in Malaysian Sauce.


Mustard Chilli Prawns: Always been a fan of mustard base dishes and always been a fan of prawns. When these both combine together – a treat for chugnchow. Fresh, deveined juicy prawns in mustard sauce. Special mention to the amount of mustard used: Spot on.


Roast Chilli Chicken: Expectation does lead to disappointment. Well not quite a disappointment, but didnt quite work out like the other dishes did. And looks can be deceiving too.


Veg Burnt Garlic Noodles: Not the best burnt garlic noodles around but not bad either. Noodles with grates of burnt garlic


Teppenyaki Noodles: Much anticipated Japanese dish. The dish was exceptional. But was there anything wrong with it ? Yes. It was altered to suit the Indian palate. We all loved the dish alright, wish they maintained the authenticity. Noodles, served on a sizzling plate, topped with cabbage.



Ming Rice with Chicken in Oyster Sauce: Ming rice was a preparation of rice with minced bell peppers topped with chilli oil and spring onions. Pairing with chicken in oyster sauce was good. Both the dishes complemented well.


Crispy Noodles with Ice Cream: I was never a fan of this until this day. Honey Coated crispy noodles topped with sesame seeds along with a few scoops of ice cream was a treat indeed.


I would say Spring Onion is quite under rated. However, they have now made some noise by opening a branch in Kalyani Nagar as well. And a handsome lot of good reviews recently as well. Here’s wishing Spring Onion the best.

Keep Chugging, Keep Chowing
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