Friday Special Lunch Buffet @ Incognito


I had to go into the ‘Incognito’ mode to attend this invited buffet lunch at Incognito. Being a working day, I sneaked out of office right on time to reach Incognito, a place which I would not like to miss out 🙂

Mulligatawny Soup: The soup which originated from Tamil Nadu has been making some news in Pune off late. However, I would rather have it as a gravy than a soup. A mix of Indian curry powders and pepper with noodles.


Bread & Butter: Don’t know why, whenever I find B&B for buffet, I don’t care if I feel full or not, I make it a point to have ’em. Fresh and soft variety breads with butter. Simply loved it.

Pickles: The pickle spread for the buffet was commendable. I tried only the Pickled Feta as I am not a big fan of pickles. The feta was good.


Hummus Lavash & Pickled Olives: The hummus was pretty decent however, the lavash turned soggy by the time we had it. Olives can never go wrong with me and I did have a couple of helping of those.


Assorted Lettuce: As fresh as it can get and beautifully arranged. The pic indeed speaks for it.


Potato & Bean Salad: I would never miss a salad which has potato in it. And as usual, potatoes never fail to impress. Topped with beans, I had a good amount of this one here.


Asian Fried Fish with Green Aji Dip: The fish was fresh and well cooked. However, the crumb could have been much crispier than it was. Instead of the Aji dip, I went for the Cocktail dressing and the combination was interesting.

Corn Tortilla: Crispy tortilla topped with corn and fresh cut veggies. A pretty decent combo.



Murg Do Pyaza: Medium spiced, well cooked Murg Do Pyaza was a decent dish which went well with the rotis and rice.


Lamb Kotbullar with Mulled Wine Sauce: My go-to dish of the afternoon. Minced lamb balls in mulled wine sauce. The lamb balls were brilliant and the wine sauce was pretty good with mild flavors. Overall an incredible dish.

Dahi ke aloo, Paneer Ambari, Dal Lasooni and Jeera Pulao were there for lunch as well. But I didn’t lay my hands on these dishes.

Penne with Coriander Pesto: Well cooked penne pasta in coriander pesto sauce which I thought was a bit too concentrated for me. Topped with black olives, a decent preparation.


Stir Fried Vegetables with Pepper Sauce: This one dish did not click for me at all. The flavor was just not right for a stir fried preparation.

Malpua with Rabdi: Sweet overload. Amazing Malpua served with Rabdi. The sourness of the rabdi complemented the sweetness of the malpua perfectly.


Blueberry Cheesecake: Did not feel it as a cheese cake at all. Blueberry mousse on top of a sponge cake. Period


Creamy Walnut Pie: Hands down- best of the day. Perfectly sweet and amazing pie made out of walnut. This one is to die for.


Priced at 550++, a decent offer.

Keep Chugging, Keep Chowing

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