Seeing Double|Eating Double @ Double Roti


A sensation in Chennai, when opened its first outlet in Pune, made us all crave for some of the best burgers around. Double Roti is all about anything to do with bread. And more.


IMG_20160228_185427From Launch Party to Food Tasting to Impromtu visits, I have done it all. Though the tasting was on the average side, the launch party and the food had during the two impromptu visits were simply great. Hence writing down the best of all the 4 visits.

Oreo O Oreo Shake: Well, brilliant is the word. Thickest of Oreo Shakes served in a mini flower pot 🙂 and topped with basil leaves. The shake, unlike other places, was full of oreo and the thickness of milk used was unseen of.


Nutty Affair: A culinary treat for all the peanut lovers out there. Peanut butter to be precise. Even though its not as thick as Oreo shake, the taste was simply incredible.


Meloncholy: Fresh watermelon juice with a dash of basil makes for a soothing drink perfect for a sunny day, served in glass.


Ah! Bring It On Guys… Shrimp Corns: Now I know the reason behind the name. The moment you taste it, you seem to go ” Ah! Bring It On Guys”. Amazing starter. Juicy prawns with crispy outer covering is an absolute winner and goes very well with the tangy dip with a dash of sweetness.


Chicken Chilli & Jalapeño Quesadilla: Yet another interesting dish. The Quesadilla was perfectly grilled and the chicken chilli & Jalapeño combination was superb and a sheer delight for spicy food lovers.


Chili Potato Torpedos: Full marks for the presentation. A must have for cheese and potato lovers. Mashed potatoes crumb fried in bite sized balls, placed on half-cut Bhavnagri Mirchi, topped with cheese aplenty.


Mean Streets: It’s Pizza time. Thin crust Pizza topped with Grilled Chicken, capers and cheese. The right amount of sauces, cheese and toppings makes this pizza a pretty good one.


The Great Gatsby: A meat overload sandwich. Sliced tenderloin slow roasted with herbs and rosemary. Best part ? The tenderloin slices are topped off with Bacon and caramelized onions. Eat it, to believe it.

Barely Legal: Rightly named. Homemade Beep Patty topped with cheese and fried egg. To add more happiness, they are topped with Bacon strips. A non veg extravaganza to be precise. Must have if you are a beep lover.


Waffles Crators: Cut waffles slices, one over the other, topped with maple syrup, honey, butter, fruits and blueberry compote. A sweet end to the meal.


Keep Chugging, Keep Chowing
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Spring Onion – A ‘No MSG’ delight



The first thing I noticed on entering the restaurant was a writing which said No MSG. I did not actually know what I felt. Could a Chinese restaurant really be MSG free ? Well, the experience was brilliant nevertheless.


An exclusive B Team tasting saw all of us together at a table in Spring Onion. Good food and amazing company- Can we ask for anything better ?


Lemon Coriander Soup: A clear soup with overload of veggies and generous portion of chicken. A very good start to the day.IMG_20160307_201704_1.jpg

Chicken Tom Yum Soup: Yet another chicken overloaded soup. This one’s tangy, sour with a hint of sweetness. Nothing wrong about it, but when the best dish of the day was about to follow, I wouldn’t worry much about Tom Yum.

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Friday Special Lunch Buffet @ Incognito


I had to go into the ‘Incognito’ mode to attend this invited buffet lunch at Incognito. Being a working day, I sneaked out of office right on time to reach Incognito, a place which I would not like to miss out 🙂

Mulligatawny Soup: The soup which originated from Tamil Nadu has been making some news in Pune off late. However, I would rather have it as a gravy than a soup. A mix of Indian curry powders and pepper with noodles.


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Smirnoff Cocktails Tasting – ‘Beyond’ worlds


United Spirits Limited hosted a cocktail tasting session using Smirnoff vodka, World’s #1 vodka. Few special select cocktails, ‘Smirnoff Star Trek Beyond Cocktails’ to be precise, are being served across the pubs in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Bengaluru, Chandigarh and Hyderabad.

Mr. Jacob Alexander, Brand Ambassador of United Spirits took us through the entire event. He started off by briefing us about the History of Vodka, how Smirnoff came into being and what not. The best part was to know more about cocktails and how to make a couple of ’em.

These are what we got to know about Cocktails…

Built up, muddling, stirring, shaking, blending are the most common methods of preparing cocktails and molecular mixology is the latest stuff. Every cocktail are supposed to have four elements; strong(alcohol), weak(ice, water, soda), sweet(syrups) and sour(citrus fruits mainly).

Thanks to Mr. Jacob, we had chance to try our hand at some cocktail making as well.

The Cocktails…

Vulcan Salute: One of my go-to drink of the day. Smirnoff Vodka, mixed along with crushed ice, lime and orange wedges and sugar syrup. Perfect drink for a lazy Sunday.

The Spocktail: Smirnoff Vodka, grape concentrate, apple juice and a hint of soda and a dash of lime. The use of fresh grapes puree filtered would be a much better option if grapes are in season. A pretty decent drink.

Beam Me Up: Coffee lovers, this one’s for you. Smirnoff Espresso Vodka, butterscotch syrup, Black coffee shaken and served on Martini glass. A drink tailor made for after dinner.

Warp Driver: Tropical Ecstacy. Smirnoff Vodka, pineapple juice, coconut syrup and Blue Curacao. Such a refreshing drink.

LIIT & Prosper: Smirnoff Orange, Captain Morgan, Gin mixed with peach, cranberry and lemonade.

The Star Trek Cocktails are available at Apache High Street, Funky Kona and One Lounge in Pune. The drinks are priced at a 300-500 range per serving.

Thanks to Varsha from Fuzion PR for inviting us and Apache High Street for serving some lip smacking starters along with the cocktails and of course for hosting us.

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