Buena Comida Mexicana @ 212 All Day Café & Bar


212, known for its amazing food, ambiance and service, is going all guns blazing with their Mexican fest, which is going to be around for a month. A preview of the Mexican fests’ menu is what brought a group of bloggers here.


The menu includes a wide variety of Nachos, Chimichangas, Tortillas, Bruschetta, Taquitos, the famed Mexico’s own ‘Habanero’ preparations and Margaritas. The session kept getting better, and the food – yummier.

Margaritas Mexicana…

Zapatista: Not a bad start to a lovely evening. Fresh watermelon juice along with Jalapeño with Black Salt rim. Salt rim on a glass of Margaritas is the tradition and 212 has made sure the customers experience Mexico at their café. Decent drink with standard (or maybe lesser?) mix of Tequila along with a zing of Jalapeño.


Cucumberita: One of the most refreshing drinks I have had in recent time. Fresh cucumber juice with muddled mint leaves and syrup, with salt and mint in the rim.


Cancun Sunrise: Loved the texture of the drink where one could feel like eating a pear. Fresh pear juice and a dollop of vanilla with Brown Sugar Rim.


Bloody Maria: Of course a Mexican version of the Bloody Mary. I am no fan of a tomato based drink so I may not be the best person to review it. Tomato juicy mixed with Sriracha and lime with salt and pepper on the rim.


Azteka: Personal favorite and yet another refreshing drink. Aloe Vera juice, sea salt and honey with the rim of salt. The sea salt in the drink could not be felt much. The drink was served frozen and yes, yummm.



Fiesta Nachos: Crisp Tortilla chips loaded with salsa, Jalapeño, olives topped with Queso sauce (a sauce made of cheddar, Jalapeño and chipotle), Guacamole and Sour Cream. What’s a Mexican Fest without some Nachos? And that too some good ones!


Chimichangas: One of the dishes which comes in the top 3 would be the Chimichangas (the non-veg version was yum). These are soft tortilla chips stuffed with veggies and are deep fried. Looks like a Mexican Samosa :p. Served with salsa and sour cream, this one was a hit.


Habanero Cottage Cheese: Habanero chili are considered to be one of the hottest chilies in the world. So when it came to an Indian plate, the chef was forced to tone it down using some ketchup. Even though the taste was good, we found the spiciness level was fair too low, and we requested the Chef not to tone it down for the non-veg preparations using Habanero.


Mexican Bruschetta: It would be unfair to say that I do not prefer eating beans especially while reviewing a Mexican fest, but let’s be fair, I would have loved the bruschetta without the refried beans. The grilled bread was loaded with cheese and topped with some salsa.



Habanero Chicken: Habanero chicken was again one of the best dish of the day. Special thanks to the chef who didn’t tone down (at least we thought, wait for prawns to come) the spice level of the habanero. Deep fried chicken tossed in Habanero sauce and served with fries and dill mayo.


Habanero Prawns: The spiciest of all dishes and a personal favorite. I always loved my food spicy and there it was, on my plate. Fresh prawns tossed in Habanero sauce and served with fries and dill mayo.


Special mention to the presentation of fries (stacked fries) which accompanied the dishes. Not only were the looking amazing, they tasted equally good as well.


Chimichangas Spicy Chicken: The non-veg version of the chimichangas served earlier that day. Though the chicken/filling was not as spicy as we expected, the dish turned out to be really good. These are soft tortilla chips stuffed with chicken and deep fried.


Guajillo Lamb Taquitos: Crispy tortilla chips this time, stuffed with lamb made in guajillo chili, topped with chopped onions and cilantro leaf. The lamb was cooked so well and the pieces were tender. The flavor of the lamb in guajillo chili is something worth mentioning.


Beer Battered Fish Taquitos: Did anyone ask me for the best dish of the evening? Well here it is. Crispy tortilla stuffed with beer battered fish, chipotle mayo, salsa and a hint of guacamole. The fish was so fresh and cooked to perfection. Best dish, ladies and gentlemen.





Chipotle Chicken Skewers: Special guest for the night was indeed the skewers. Not that the taste was out of the world, but literally a guest from South Asia J . A decently spiced chicken skewered and served with chipotle-chili-honey.



212, I have heard from my fellow buddies that it is amazing. It’s finally a pleasure to be part of a tasting session here. The journey right from the drinks till the skewers was enthralling. A journey that I will cherish for a long time.

What are you guys waiting for? Head on to 212.

Keep Chugging, Keep Chowing

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