World Burger Tour 2k16 @ HRC

With the last years’ Burger Tour being a huge success, they have gone a level above this year by introducing more Regional and Authentic Burgers and some awesome cocktails to go with it. The International Burger Day on 28th May, saw HRC organizing a preview of the Burger fest.

The ambiance and service of HRC has always been exemplary and consistent. 28th was no different.

8 Burgers, 8 Cocktails and a few shots were to be sampled and it went well…

Vegetarian Burgers

Mediterranean Veg Burger: Grilled patty infused with Mediterranean veggies and spices, topped with Spicy Mango Aioli, Cheddar Cheese and Spinach Slaw. Topped with fresh lettuce and tomatoes, the burger was pretty good.

Lebanese Veg Burger: What’s good in vegetarian from the Lebanese cuisine? A Lebanese Veg Burger maybe? Falafel veg burger whose main ingredients was of course Lebanese spices. The patty was topped with lettuce, tomato, aioli, hummus pickled veggies and Cheddar Cheese. Even though the patty crumbles down, thanks to plethora of sauces, the burger was good.

Burgers - Mediterranean Veg Burger 2

Caribbean Veg Burger: Brown lentil patty infused with Caribbean spices. The patty was topped with prime veggies, quinoa relish and a pinch of sunflower seeds. Pretty juicy burger, again thanks to the veggies, this one’s a decent burger as well.


Mexican Quesadilla Veg Burger: Couldn’t have a bigger bite of this monster. Fellow bloggers did like this one as well. Here’s how the burger goes –patty made up of polenta, spices, sweet corn and veggies topped with salsa, Swiss cheese, avocado and nachos strips.


Non-Vegetarian Burgers

Istanbul Kafta Chicken Burger: Welcome to Turkey. Who doesn’t love a big fat shawarma? Now think about a shawarma spice infused chicken burger. Yummy isn’t it? Well it was. Patty topped with lettuce, tomatoes, hummus, aioli, kafta spiced onions, mushrooms, bell peppers and feta. Though the amount of the feta cheese could have been a tad lesser – the burger is still a winner.


Italian Chicken Burger: One of the 2 burgers I would definitely order next time I hit HRC for the World Burger Tour. Highly recommended burger and an innovative one as well. Patty was infused with fresh Italian herbs. The patty was topped with golden panko crusted Cheddar Cheese, which was again topped with Italian relish. Below the base was some of the freshest veggies around. What a treat this one.

Burgers - Italian Chicken Burger 1


Indian Tandoor Chicken Burger: HRC tries Desi, and it’s a bull’s eye. No, the burger was not served with a bull’s eye: p. The patty was of course of Tandoori preparation, which was topped with 2-cheese, lettuce and shredded veggies. Mint mayo gave the extra desi punch as well.

Burgers - Indian  Tandoori Chicken Burger 2

Miami Cuban Burger: The best burger of the fest for me, hands down. Cuban spices infused meat patty, which was humongous, was indeed the highlight. Patty was topped with lettuce tomato, Cheddar cheese and crispy onions. Highly recommended burger which is an all-round winner.



El Matador: A perfect mix of fresh strawberry and basil with Bacardi Rum and lime juice topped with Beer. The drink was perfectly balanced which used perfect amount of beer, not overpowering the drink. Quite a refreshing drink which was an ideal start to a hot noon.


All Jacked Up: As put on the paper, this drink is definitely an extra kick anyone’s night deserves. An amazing combination of Jim Beam bourbon, Captain Morgan’s spiced rum & honey, blend well with equal helping of pineapple juice and lime juice.




Watermelon Hoedown: The name says it all. A perfect summer drink. Watermelon based drink with Vodka, and minimal amount of lemonade and beer. The bartender made sure that the taste of watermelon stole the show with balanced mixing.


Hangman’s Blood: Finally a dark cocktail. Dark Rum, whiskey, gin and red wine along with sweet and sour mix and topped with Beer. Definitely a stronger drink compared to the others and a heaven for whiskey-cocktail lovers.


Crisp Sipper: One of the rare drinks where so many ingredients go into. And did they mess it up? Absolutely not. Gin, cucumber syrup, tonic water, fresh sliced cucumber, cherries, orange and lime with rosemary and thyme. Phew. A refreshing crisp drink which would definitely go with the Burgers.

Melonpalooza:  A sheer tropical drink. Bacardi rum, coconut rum and Melon Liqueur topped with pineapple juice and sweet and sour blast. Sure shot hit for those who like the taste of coconut rum, otherwise stay away from this.


Citrus Summer Shandy: One of the best Shandy I have had in recent times. Bacardi orange with slices of fresh orange, passion fruit syrup and lemonade topped with beer. Yet again the class of the bartender at its best.


Sweet & Fiery: Full marks for the presentation. Pepper Vodka, Ginger syrup, Blue Curacao, Hard Rock Lemonade, ginger syrup & beer topped with jalapeno. The drink had perfect sweetness and hints of spiciness.



In the 2-month long fest starting June 1st, HRC has come up with a unique marathon. No you don’t have to run but be the fastest to finish a burger. If you win at a particular event, you will be facing off with the winner of other outlets around India and the winner will get goodies.

World Burger Tour is indeed an amazing concept bringing best burgers from across the globe. Looking forward to many such Tours and Fests from HRC

Keep Chugging, Keep Chowing
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