Asian Grill Fest @ CY Marriot, Hinjewadi


Courtyard Marriott, Hinjawadi, is hosting an Asian Grills Festival. The festival commenced on 16th May and will go on till the 26th of the month. One can enjoy the Asian delicacies between 7 pm and midnight for a good deal of 1299++.

Warm welcome by the host is always a pleasant sight. Hats off to Courtyard for a bunch of energetic and pleasing staff right from service staff to Managers to Chefs. A chiller table was already reserved for the Bloggers table.


They do boast good ambiance as well. Couple of cabanas, chiller tables, normal table, greenery all round, live screening of matches-what more one could ask for? The only challenge, however, is that few hot evenings after a drizzle!! Well, it was no different in the day we went as well. As the evening progressed and meats chowed, we did start feeling the heat.


The meats to be grilled are neatly arranged near the grill and the guest could select their preferred meat and sauces for preparation. Grilled right in front of your eyes, the preparation is sure gonna make you more hungry.


Welcome Drink..

Ma Collins: An ideal start to the evening, wonder in a glass. Ginger, ginger ale and lime juice topped with ice and a burnt star anise. The specialty about the drink is that one could actually identify the taste of ginger ale and the lime juice distinctively. The burnt star anise did give a hint of awesomeness to the drink with its flavor not dominating throughout.


Vegetarian Appetizers..

Teriyaki Pineapple: Grilled pineapples skewered alongside peppers, onions and tomatoes. A decent dish for the veggies. However, the flavor of Teriyaki sauce was less and could have tasted better with some more sauce.

Sambal Oelek Tofu: Fresh tofu cut into squares prepared in hot Sambal Oelek paste. Skewered with tomato, bell peppers and shallots this was yet another decent starter from the Ignite kitchen.


Vegetable Tempura: Prime veggies battered and deep fried and served with Sriracha/Soy/spicy mayo. Broccoli, cauliflower, bell peppers, gherkins etc were few of the veggies used. Pretty good dish and goes very well with the sauces.

Non-Vegetarian Appetizers..

Prawn Satay: Fresh and juicy prawns (small) grilled to perfection with kaffir lime marination – skewered. Not too spicy yet aptly spiced prawns was one of the top starters for me.


BBQ Chicken Sausages: Jumbo sausages cut into bite sized pieces skewered with peppers and tomatoes. Personally, felt that the sausages lacked the typical flavor yet an above average starter.


Hot Garlic Squid: Fresh squid marinated in garlic paste/sauce and grilled. The garlic flavors was very mild and hence the odd smell of Squid was dominating the taste.


Dragon wings: Succulent wings tossed in in-house BQ sauce. The wings were simply superb with the sauce not exceeding on the sweetness front and where a proper balance was made between the sweetness and the spices.



The most interesting part of the evening, for me, was the main course. The options were aplenty. 4 options for Veg and a mammoth 8 options for Non-Veg. It was obvious we couldn’t have the entire selections even if we went ahead with bite sized portions. I chose to skip veg and concentrate only on the meats. The guest could choose their meat and their choice of preparation.

All the dishes comes with a helping of Jasmine sticky rice with coconut, gado gado dip and pickled vegies. The Rice is a beauty in itself. Aroma of rice was all over and the preparation was something new. Sauce, as well as the pickled veggies were well prepared.

Chicken Thigh: Tender chicken thigh pieces, marinated in kaffir lime dressing and grilled. Even though this one was good, the other options served to us were above all expectations.


Duck Breast: Super succulent, juicy duck breasts grilled to perfection. Highly recommended dish for its quality.


Tiger Prawns: Jumbo prawns marinated with semi spicy sauce and grilled with love for all the seafood lovers out there.

Tenderloin: Ahh!! The search for perfectly grilled tenderloin ends here. Very very tender buffalo tenderloin grilled and heated. The meat was much tender than expected and the taste was exceedingly good. Highly recommended for red meat lovers.


Pork Ribs: Being a not-so-pork person, I was a bit skeptical whether to have it or not. It would have been a major miss if I haven’t had this imported ribs. You have heard ‘meat falling off the bones’ right? Well, I witnessed it. Must try.

Special thanks to Chef Vikram, Chef Bhushan, Ms. Arundhati and Team Marriott for hosting us.

Keep Chugging, Keep Chowing
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