Terttulia, I Tell Ya


Tertulia in Spanish means an informal gathering to discuss about current affairs, arts and what not. Very well, The B-Team didn’t jump into current affairs. We did discuss art. The art of chugging and chowing of course.

To say the least, this exclusive food tasting session witnessed a display of amaaaaazing food and trippy drinks. To have a meal in a place which boasts its ambiance as Terttulia does, calls for a celebration. Efficient staff made the outing much more enjoyable.

We started off with a few drinks….

Appletini: Could a Martini ‘BE’ any better? It was that good. Ice cold Martini, shaken not stirred, served with fresh green apple slices. One of the favorites of the table and yes, highly recommended.


Watermelon Virgin Mojito: I didn’t actually feel that this pretty one was a virgin. Spiked taste all over, pretty refreshing drink, with chunks of the watermelon and mint leaves. What better way to beat the summer heat for our Teetotaler friends.


Watermelon Caprioska: Vodka, crushed ice, muddled mint leaves, lemon wedges, chunks of watermelon – am I high already ?


Orange Basil Mojito: A perfect blend of orange juice and basil. The mix was so ideal that one could easily identify the distinct tastes of orange as well as basil. This one comes mixed with Brown Sugar. Not to forget the alcohol that goes in it.


Sparkling Sangria: Something different from the flat sangria served all over. Sparkling wine and fresh orange, apple and pomegranate. Pretty decent fare.


Japanese Pear Ginger Martini: This came as a surprise. Although the taste of Japanese ginger overpowered the one of the pears, the drink was enjoyed by everyone at the table. A bit tough on the throats, and yup, can be a relief for a sore throat :p


Asian Red Apple, Cranberry, Almonds, Quinoa: Everything fresh and crunchy, leaves you all munching. Fresh Red Apples, cranberry, grated almonds, rucola  and red quinoa on a plate. It tasted as yum as it sounds. A delicious and healthy fare you can have any time of the day.

Roasted Beets & Goat Cheese with Smoked Salmon: Something Fishy! Roasted beets always tastes much better than the raw one. Well, at least for me. Served on a bed of fresh Arugula, topped with goat cheese and smoked salmon slices. Great salad indeed.


Karari Roti: Something which goes best with the drinks. A roti, disguised as a pappad maybe?? Huge crispy rotis with ample helping of butter, topped with red chilly powder and garnished with fresh coriander. A signature dish of Terttulia – must try I tell ya.


Indopean Street Pani Puri: Is there a better word than ‘yummm’ to describe this one? An amazing creative version of our own Pani Puri. This one comes in shot glasses, which has the liquid fillings for the pani puri. Romain lettuce too was stuffed in the glass and on top of it , the puri with the fillings were placed. Pour the fillings, cover the puri using lettuce and there you go. One of the highly recommended dishes from the night.



Char Grilled Fish & Spicy Salsa Tacos: Just as the name suggests, this one’s a taco, with filling of perfectly char grilled fished topped with spicy salsa. The fish was so fresh and the taco was ideally crispy. What a way to have a Fish Tacos for the first time.


Broccoli Aglio Olio Peperoncino: Boiled broccoli, finely chopped almonds on a bed of broth made of oil, garlic and Italian chilli. A must try for all the broccoli fans out there.


3 Mushroom Ragout and Mozzarella Sandwich: Well peeps, if I have a choice to eat one item from the menu, this sandwich is the winner. Mushrooms, Caramelized onions and a fair helping of Mozzarella cheese, stuffed inside fat sandwich brown breads grilled to perfection. Taste it to believe it.



Pulled Pork Bao with Spicy Kimchi: Basically not a Pork person, and specifically, not a pork belly person. The Bao was all about Pork Belly served with spicy kimchi. Pretty decent I feel.


S.T.D & Chipotle Rubbed Chilli Grilled Prawn Skewers: One of the rare occasions of the day when a dish didn’t impress much. Well presented- grilled prawns skewers served on watermelon; had a good spice level as well. But the prawns, we felt, were not that fresh.


Minute Steak with Quinoa onion Gyros: A good Gyro it would have been, had they used garlic paste/sauce instead of the goat cheese, which had actually made the gyros too dry. Meat was well cooked and taste was above average.


Prawns Coconut Malai Curry with Steam Rice: What a start that was to the main course. Exquisite prawns curry, almost the Green Curry style, cooked to perfection. Goes very well with the steam rice. Even though the prawns in skewers were not fresh, the ones used in the curry was as fresh as it could get. It’s a treat folks.


Red Wine Braised Lamb Ragout: Tender lamb chunks, lightly fried and then stewed with potatoes in red wine served along with herbed Spaghetti. Simply loved the dish for many reasons. Potatoes were perfect, never expected lamb to be so tender and it all went very well with Spaghetti. Everything fell into place here.


Gooey Chocolate Cake: We can’t ask for a Gooier cake than this. Soft and sticky rich chocolate cake, which tickles our taste buds, and of course, makes us want for more. A heavenly delight for all the chocolate worshipers out there.

Gooey Chocolate

Pic Courtesy: Monalisa Mehrotra

Special thanks to Carpe Diem for having invited us and thanks to Terttulia Bistro for having us. We indeed had an inexplicable experience.

Keep Chugging, Keep Chowing

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