Culinary Treat @ Falafil

Falafil is one of those rare places that serve variety of cuisine under the same roof. Oriental, Continental, Indian, and with Lebanese starting soon, Falafil looks sure to attract more crowd in the near future. Located just outside Technopark, the cosy, well spaced restaurant is surely a venture which the Trivandrum residents can be proud of.

There was no turning down an invitation to try out the specialities of Falafil…

Chicken Kathi Roll: An amazing start to the afternoon. Omelette on a Paratha is a treat in itself. Imagine a paratha coated with eggs on one side, and stuffed with slow roasted chicken in thick gravy. Garnished with prime veggies and olives, served along with a tomato and red chilly chutney, we couldn’t ask for a better start.


Chicken DimSums: Time for some Chinese now. The dimsums were perfectly steamed, stuffed with boiled chicken, shallots, a tinge of ginger-garlic and topped with some spring onions. Though a starter, this serving should definitely be shared among 2 or more people as it has a heavy filling.


Paatiyala Chicken: Chef’s special and one of the most talked about dish currently doing its round in the social media is the Paatiyala Chicken. The dish comprises of Chicken, Cashew and Raisins stuffed inside an omelette and served with Green, orange, brown and red gravies. Couple of the gravies were a tad too salty for my liking; however, the dish as a whole did justice to my appetite.

Beef with Vegetables: Undoubtedly, this one was a personal favourite of the day. A perfectly balanced dish with sliced beef shallow fried in pan with cauliflower, baby corn, broccoli and bell peppers. Everything about the dish was so perfect. The spiciness of the beef is amazingly complemented by the veggies served along. A highly recommended dish which could be a perfect starter, especially when there are plans to open that Scotch bottle.


Shamam Shake: A special shake which is ideal to beat the scorching sun. Shamam shake, served along with ice cream, dry fruits at the base and topped with fresh fruits, need I say more? Needless to say, an exquisite end to the meal.

Falafil has got an amazing team out there right from the floor manager to service staff to chef. The Chef, who has had stints with major 5 star hotels in the city and away, should be credited for introducing such an extensive menu.

Special thanks to Team Falafil for having the EAT Team and arranging an exclusive tasting session for us.

Keep Chugging, Keep Chowing


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