1976 – Land of the Holy Burger

Trivandrum, a city which has been once associated with amazing local cuisine, went ahead and broke all the stereotypes when it introduced a lot of world cuisine, one among them being American. Though in the long run, many of them either quit or went down; one of the few places which actually remained consistent and served exquisite burgers, Ladies and Gentlemen, 1976.


The General Manager and the Chef were kind enough to come down over to the table. 1976 has a serene atmosphere with a small indoor seating as well as a garden seating, which would be perfect for an evening. The staff were also pretty well trained and knew their stuff.

The most awaited moment of the day, food…

Juicy Lucy: Drooling desire is what they have labelled for their signature beef burger.  Did I drool at it? Oh Absolutely. The burger comes neatly packed and presented with a helping of potato chips. Perfectly ground patty filled with goodness of molten cheddar cheese. Imagine cheese oozing out on every bite. Can’t imagine? Head over to 1976


Super Bowl Hot Dog: I have always loved eating hot dogs, well eating anything for that matter. Eating an authentic hot dog has always been a touch and go due to the unavailability of a perfect sausage. I wouldn’t say 1976 offers the perfect sausage I have in my mind, yet they didn’t fail to impress with this monster of a dog. A 6-inch hot dog bun filled with a sausage that’s almost the size of the bun, ideal amount of gherkins and relish, topped with yummy barbecue sauce and a shot of mustard sauce. Simply loved it.


Mint Mojito: This one’s a standard mojito with lemon and mint and it indeed did help me beat the heat from the beef, and of course the scorching sun. However, more carbonation in this drink would have done wonders.


Pan Fried Chocolate with Ice Cream: The ultimate treat for chocolate lovers. Molten MARS chocolate covered in batter and shallow fried, served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a huuuge bowl. This dessert is definitely to be shared among 2 or even 3 people and it’s totally worth it!


1976 is a must try place for American Food in Trivandrum. It’s consistent, it’s total value for money and it’s simply amazing.

Keep Chugging, Keep Chowing.