Shizu Says Fūdo


Shizusan – Pune’s first Asian Pop Bistro. That itself say a lot about the place, doesn’t it? The menu is handcrafted by the Chef, Mr. Paul Kinny himself. It’s clearly a travel diary of his journey through some countries in Asia, and the dishes are inspired from Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Korea.

The dishes are not purely traditional, and in fact for the flavours to ‘pop’, Paul has done a hell lot of fusion, which of course has gone way too good. The ambiance is perfectly set for an Asian Bistro. Not too flashy, yet elegant. A sneak peek into what they serve…

Started off by ordering some mocktails to beat the heat. Good number of options were on the menu, and they were pretty good. Strawberry, watermelon, mango etc bases were available

Edamame, Petit Pois & Truffle Oil: Steamed dumplings to start with. Light green dumplings topped with edamame seeds with persistent aroma of wasabi and balance taste. There starts the fusion. French flavor in a Japanese soul.

Pepper Garlic Mushrooms: A delicious plate of mushrooms tossed in Thai sauce with a tinge of wine. Amazing presentation, and the mushrooms tastes as good as it looks.


Prawn & Chive: A dish from the streets of Malaysia. Whole prawn and chopped chives together in a dumpling sounds good? Well it tastes good.


Chilli Celery Cottage Cheese:  Though the Sichuan peppers and dried red chilies gave a good kick to the paste, it failed to conquer the cottage cheese completely, still not bad a dish.


Malay Style Chicken Satay: Who doesn’t like to chow on a chicken satay ? Well here you go. Perfectly marinated chicken in galangal and lemongrass ( guess it was marinated for some time, and hence the flavors) served on skewers.


Shizusan’s Chicken Soup Dumplings: You read that right. One of my favorites of the night. A dumpling made out of a chicken soup. Yumm. Broth of chicken and chopped mushrooms went very well as a filling for a dumpling. Make sure you slit open the dumpling before you eat it, else its sure to burn your taste buds.


Thai Chicken Wings: Don’t you feel sad when a wings at a place disappoints? Well I did. Whole chicken wings topped with sriracha sauce was nowhere near the top dish of the day.


Thai Spiced Lotus Stems: I was never a huge fan of lotus stems. Just that I liked it. But this beauty of a dish out here, will make me eat more of Lotus Stems for sure, and that too from ShizuSan. Crunchy preparation made of bird’s eye chilli, basil and lemongrass.


Sushi: The have amazing selections when it comes to Sushis. Both for veggies and meat eaters, the sushis served were undoubtedly amazing. Philadelphia roll, Tuna Tartar roll, Rainbow Maki, Sriracha Blush were few of the sushis served. Personally loved the one with crab.

Baby Back Ribs: Much talked about dish of the evening. A pure bliss of Pork lovers. Being the one who eats only bacon/pepperoni/ham, I made sure that I get a go at this baby beast. Finger licking good. The sauce was perfect with a hint of Asian flavors.

Baos: Pulled chicken bun and My PBJ were the 2 options for baos. The love of chicken made me stick on with the Chicken Baos whereas My PBJ, was delicious. Chicken was served along with caramelized onions and slaw whereas the 12-hour braised pork belly came along with hot jalapeno slaw.




Pulled Chicken Bun

Hot Stone Rice was indeed rice served on a hot stone. The dish is transformed on our tables right in front of our eyes. It was a regular fare and so was Phad Thai. However, I found solace in the Burnt Garlic Noodles. Thai Curry, both red and green were served and impressed big time.


Burnt Garlic Noodles


Tiramisu Asia: Made of Green tea sponge, coffee dust and creamy mascarpone. A dessert which we were actually looking forward to, but the wait was not worth it. Was a disappointment.


Peanut Butter Pie: Ultimate peanut treat. A heaven for peanut lovers, which could be a no-no for the non peanut lovers. However, I enjoyed having every bit of the Pie, even the last traces from the plate.


Special thanks to Team Carpe Diem for arranging a bloggers table. Thanks to Shizusan for having us and for giving us an experience that cannot be erased easily from our minds.

Keep Chugging, Keep Chowing

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