Culinary Treat @ Falafil

Falafil is one of those rare places that serve variety of cuisine under the same roof. Oriental, Continental, Indian, and with Lebanese starting soon, Falafil looks sure to attract more crowd in the near future. Located just outside Technopark, the cosy, well spaced restaurant is surely a venture which the Trivandrum residents can be proud of.

There was no turning down an invitation to try out the specialities of Falafil…

Chicken Kathi Roll: An amazing start to the afternoon. Omelette on a Paratha is a treat in itself. Imagine a paratha coated with eggs on one side, and stuffed with slow roasted chicken in thick gravy. Garnished with prime veggies and olives, served along with a tomato and red chilly chutney, we couldn’t ask for a better start.


Chicken DimSums: Time for some Chinese now. The dimsums were perfectly steamed, stuffed with boiled chicken, shallots, a tinge of ginger-garlic and topped with some spring onions. Though a starter, this serving should definitely be shared among 2 or more people as it has a heavy filling.


Paatiyala Chicken: Chef’s special and one of the most talked about dish currently doing its round in the social media is the Paatiyala Chicken. The dish comprises of Chicken, Cashew and Raisins stuffed inside an omelette and served with Green, orange, brown and red gravies. Couple of the gravies were a tad too salty for my liking; however, the dish as a whole did justice to my appetite.

Beef with Vegetables: Undoubtedly, this one was a personal favourite of the day. A perfectly balanced dish with sliced beef shallow fried in pan with cauliflower, baby corn, broccoli and bell peppers. Everything about the dish was so perfect. The spiciness of the beef is amazingly complemented by the veggies served along. A highly recommended dish which could be a perfect starter, especially when there are plans to open that Scotch bottle.


Shamam Shake: A special shake which is ideal to beat the scorching sun. Shamam shake, served along with ice cream, dry fruits at the base and topped with fresh fruits, need I say more? Needless to say, an exquisite end to the meal.

Falafil has got an amazing team out there right from the floor manager to service staff to chef. The Chef, who has had stints with major 5 star hotels in the city and away, should be credited for introducing such an extensive menu.

Special thanks to Team Falafil for having the EAT Team and arranging an exclusive tasting session for us.

Keep Chugging, Keep Chowing


1976 – Land of the Holy Burger

Trivandrum, a city which has been once associated with amazing local cuisine, went ahead and broke all the stereotypes when it introduced a lot of world cuisine, one among them being American. Though in the long run, many of them either quit or went down; one of the few places which actually remained consistent and served exquisite burgers, Ladies and Gentlemen, 1976.


The General Manager and the Chef were kind enough to come down over to the table. 1976 has a serene atmosphere with a small indoor seating as well as a garden seating, which would be perfect for an evening. The staff were also pretty well trained and knew their stuff.

The most awaited moment of the day, food…

Juicy Lucy: Drooling desire is what they have labelled for their signature beef burger.  Did I drool at it? Oh Absolutely. The burger comes neatly packed and presented with a helping of potato chips. Perfectly ground patty filled with goodness of molten cheddar cheese. Imagine cheese oozing out on every bite. Can’t imagine? Head over to 1976


Super Bowl Hot Dog: I have always loved eating hot dogs, well eating anything for that matter. Eating an authentic hot dog has always been a touch and go due to the unavailability of a perfect sausage. I wouldn’t say 1976 offers the perfect sausage I have in my mind, yet they didn’t fail to impress with this monster of a dog. A 6-inch hot dog bun filled with a sausage that’s almost the size of the bun, ideal amount of gherkins and relish, topped with yummy barbecue sauce and a shot of mustard sauce. Simply loved it.


Mint Mojito: This one’s a standard mojito with lemon and mint and it indeed did help me beat the heat from the beef, and of course the scorching sun. However, more carbonation in this drink would have done wonders.


Pan Fried Chocolate with Ice Cream: The ultimate treat for chocolate lovers. Molten MARS chocolate covered in batter and shallow fried, served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a huuuge bowl. This dessert is definitely to be shared among 2 or even 3 people and it’s totally worth it!


1976 is a must try place for American Food in Trivandrum. It’s consistent, it’s total value for money and it’s simply amazing.

Keep Chugging, Keep Chowing.



Shizu Says Fūdo


Shizusan – Pune’s first Asian Pop Bistro. That itself say a lot about the place, doesn’t it? The menu is handcrafted by the Chef, Mr. Paul Kinny himself. It’s clearly a travel diary of his journey through some countries in Asia, and the dishes are inspired from Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Korea.

The dishes are not purely traditional, and in fact for the flavours to ‘pop’, Paul has done a hell lot of fusion, which of course has gone way too good. The ambiance is perfectly set for an Asian Bistro. Not too flashy, yet elegant. A sneak peek into what they serve…

Started off by ordering some mocktails to beat the heat. Good number of options were on the menu, and they were pretty good. Strawberry, watermelon, mango etc bases were available

Edamame, Petit Pois & Truffle Oil: Steamed dumplings to start with. Light green dumplings topped with edamame seeds with persistent aroma of wasabi and balance taste. There starts the fusion. French flavor in a Japanese soul.

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Socializing in an OPD @ Social Clinic


Themes are something which I consider as a big plus. Where most of the restos offer a regular ambiance, a visit to any of the themed restaurants once in a while is something which I always cherish. The theme at hand is something different. Something which not all people can accept (Oh was I not supposed to say it?). An OPD.

Social Clinic is a part of the Madness brand, which is the parent to Donkey’s Arse, the pub and Superheroes, a place for the young guns. A salute to the Madness team for making a bold, yet risky move, to set the theme to something as an OPD.

The management team of Social Clinic was there to greet us and yes,the staff, all looking kickass on their Nurse’s attire, welcoming us.

Over to the main event – drinks and food. The evening kick started with some cocktails.

Nasheeli Lambi Chai: Was the Lambi Chai Nasheeli enough?? Oh yes it was. Vodka, Gin, Rum, Cointreau, Tequila (good enough?) along with splash of orange and cranberry juice. The drink was served in a long cylinder and we drank it up using long tubes. This one – a favorite.


Kindly ignore fellow foodie Maanas in the background :p

Another interesting drink was Beyond Your Expectation. Jim Beam bourbon whisky was the base, along with an almond liqueur, Amaretto, egg white, orange bitter, and lime juice. The drink was good alright. Even the taste of egg whites didn’t bother much. But was it beyond my expectations? No.


Last War was a decent drink made with Gin, Campari, lime juice and thyme. Sex in Havana was yet another amazing drink and the portion hits you right where it should hit. A mix of white rum, crème de peach, fresh pomegranate and basil was a treat in a glass.

Pepper Mary could possibly be a sister of Bloody Mary ;-). A vodka based drink mixed with tomato juice and tabasco sauce topped with some ground pepper. The drink was pretty nicely presented in a carved out bell pepper.

Mix Veg Coriander Dimsums were lovely green colored dimsums, made of veggies (obviously isn’t it?).  Special mention about the 2 dips served along the dimsums which made it all the more yummy.

I so love mushrooms, and Chilly Garlic Mushrooms were tailor-made for me. Mushrooms coated in flour, shallow fried and tossed, topped with chopped garlic and chillies.

Lemon Cilantro Prawns was the new dish on the table. And yes, I so love prawns too. Prawns coated with thick cilantro sauce served with peppers and cherry(wasn’t it?). I seriously lost my count on how many I had.

Mutton Sheekh Kebabs: Was this the best sheekh kebab I have had in a long time ? Probably yes. Juicy sheekh kebabs,with ideal amount of spices. Cannot explain further. Taste it, to believe it.

No complaints on the Murg Kaali Mirchi. But because of the taste of the Sheekhs, I actually couldnt enjoy this much. Perfectly cooked chicken which was spicy enough !

Chicken and Prawn Gyozas were the non veg version of the veg dimsums. However, we preferred the veg ones. This one couldn’t stamp its signature as it was supposed to be. Maybe lack of some flavors, this one could be missed.


Peri Peri Chicken Pizza: No, it was not spicy. Was it good then? Well not the best I have had, but definitely good. Chicken, black and green olives, jalapeno, peppers and the goodness of cheese.


Chicken Gone Mad was a perfectly prepared dish and one of the favorites of the night. Well cooked chicken, topped with light brown sauce, served along with buttered rice, sautéed veggies, and mashed potatoes. The chicken, veggies and rice were fantastic alright. But the mashed potatoes was my personal pick from the plate.


House Spice Lamb Burger: Huuuge burger. Being an ardent burger fan, I make it a point to try burgers if available, from the places I visit. This one right here, has made it to the top 3 in the list of the best burgers I have ever had. Colossal lamb patty, which didn’t crumble one bit, topped with full fried egg and lettuce, served along with fries and veggies, I made sure that I finished one full burger, even at the cost of missing out on desserts.

Thinking back, I really feel that I should have had more of the desserts than I actually did. And hence couldn’t savour them properly.  Gulab jamun Brulee, Spanish Churros with Molten Chocolate Sauce and the Brownie with Ice Cream were the desserts for the night.

Will I go back for more ? Well, taking my experience into consideration, I definitely would.

Keep Chugging, Keep Chowing

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