‘Iontach Irish Beoir’ @ TJ Brew Works

Welcome to TJ Brew Works, where four beer fests are organized every year – Belgian, Irish, American and the OktoberFest. Considering the success and appreciation received for the Belgian Fest, we were all excited once the Irish Beers were on tap. An exclusive beer tasting session was organized for The B Team.


TJs is a place which boasts amazing ambience, both inside and outdoor. The ideal place to sit would be the open area which guarantees amazing breeze while chugging down some of their finest beers.

The agenda for the night was of course to start of with the beers, followed by tasting some of the fares from the brand new Irish Menu. Ms. Ashwini, the brewster and Mr. Wency Pereira, the head Chef, both briefed us on what was about to be served for the night.

The Beers…

TJs will have two beers on tap for the Irish Fest(apart from their regular beers)- the Devil’s Dark BC(Belgian Chocolate) and the Irish Ale-in.

Basically, The Devil’s Dark BC is made with Dark Chocolate and Coffee. Generally, the Irish Stouts have rich chocolate profile. However in the BC, the bitterness is obtained from coffee. There is a thick and rich foam that gives out flavors predominantly. The beer finishes off dry, with understated hoppiness.

One version of Beer history says the Irish were the pioneers in brewing and initally it was all real ales. Routing back to History, Irish Ale-in is targeted to be a typical Irish ale beer with a prominent aroma of hops. A generous amount of late hop addition gives out pleasant floral hints.


Irish Ale-in

The Food…


The menu was curated by none other then Wency himself. He used to be in Ireland, and who better to form a menu on Irish food then ?

Chicken Braised with Irish Beer: As the name suggest, chicken chunks were braised in the Irish Ale-in beer itself. The dish itself was yummm, but we enjoyed more when we started to drink the gravy alone, it was simply mouth watering and of course, a must have from their new menu.


Dublin Coddle: Casserole of sausages, bacon, carrots, onions, mushrooms, bottle gourd and zucchini served with garlic bread loaves and prime veggies. Except for the fact that large slices of bacon instead of the finely chopped ones would have tasted better, this one is indeed yet another must try.


Fish Cobbler: Two fillets of fish topped with cheese sauce served with parsley rice and veggies. The cheese sauce was tad too salty, but the rice had along with the fillet was manageable.


Ballymaloe: Traditional Veg Stew. Barley, sweet corn, carrot, zucchini, onions and simmered in tomato puree, this one tasted pretty much out of the box and it was indeed a traditional dish. Very very good options for veggies too. The best part I went for was the oven roasted potatoes served along the dish. It was a steal.

Cheesecake and the Banana Walnut tarts were the options for dessert in the menu. The chef was too keen in presenting the tart and we never hesitated. This one finished in seconds. I mean literally, in seconds.

Sautéed bananas I presume, served with crispy walnut, bound together by melting caramel and served with a bowl of vanilla ice cream, did we reach heaven already ??

And of course you know where TJs is…. Yes, you are right – East Block, Amanora Town Centre.

Keep Chugging. Keep Chowing.





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