Secret Chulha Pop Up ft. Sharad Badge


Secret Chulha Pop Ups are no more a secret now. Puneites are now pretty much aware of the Pop ups happening almost every month. The main vision of the Pop ups is to introduce to a dish that no one has probably had before. It could either be a local cuisine, a global cuisine that are less known to the world or even a secret recipe of a home chef, grandma’s recipe and what not.

The concept of Secret Chulha Pop up and Conversations was started in October 2015 by the couple, Ms. Richa Choudhary and Mr. Sandy Singh. All the pop ups except one happened at Prem’s,the other one at Euriska.


Sandy Singh & Pablo @ TSC

The March edition of the pop up featured none other than the renowned chef, Mr. Sharadchandra Bagde. Mr. Sharad, who is the backbone of the Team Marinare, is pretty much known to people across Pune. He provides catering services and his Biriyani, innovative desserts etc has always been a talking point. He is never shy to try out any new cuisine.


Sri Lankan was the finalized cuisine for the 4th Secret Chulha Pop up. Sharad heard about Sri Lankan cuisine from a friend and has ever since been curious about it. He even attended a few cooking lessons, and got help from the internet as well. Then started the trial and error method. It took all these processes to finally get the Sri Lankan dishes onto our table.

6th March, 2016

Two slots of community dining were planned, the first one at 7:30 pm, followed by 9:30 pm. We managed to get into the 7:30 slot and was glad to see all the tables were occupied by then and we managed to squeeze in. A job well begun is half done. Yes indeed.

Sri Lankan Fish Cutlets were the perfect start to the evening. Amazingly prepared cutlets with fish, finely mashed potatoes and the secret curry powder. I just couldn’t stop eating this one. Elu Maas was Mutton Chops, Seer Sothi ( fish in yellow curry), Kukulu Musamma (Chicken slow cooked in coastal curry) and Jafna Prawns rice were the Non Veg options.

The main challenge faced by Sharad was to limit the level of spices to meet the Pune taste buds expectations. However, I personally feel that the dishes with the usual spice levels used in Sri Lanka, could have gathered much more appreciation for the dishes, than what it actually got.

Kaju Mulava(cashew seared in spring curry leaves), Sri Lankan Veg cutlets, Wattaka Curry (Pumpkin curry cooked in roasted curry powder and coconut) and beetroot curry were the Veg fares. Sri Lankan Yellow rice was served throughout with the curries, and the Secret Colombo curry with boiled eggs went well with the rice. The Coffee Biscuit pudding was exceptionally delightful that I requested for another helping( which of course I got in the end).


Coffee Biscuit Pudding


The Bloggers along with Sharad(Center)

The next pop up is scheduled to be on the 10th of April and the cuisine is Chandraseniya Kayastha Prabhu (Phew… did I get it right?). Its gonna be a Seafood dominated cuisine and yes, see you all there.

Images Courtesy: Divyanshu Kumar Mishra.

Check out his blogs @

Keep Chugging, Keep Chowing.


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