Madness Redefined @ Donkey’s Arse

Photo 28-01-16, 9 17 40 PM

I bet that the whole of Pune knew that some madness was somewhere around the corner soon. The publicity boasted by the place was pretty much that they had huge hoardings almost all major areas of the city. And was it all worth it ??? Well absolutely, duh. They have 3 different levels of restaurants, aimed exclusively for different audience. Ground floor is the Social Clinic. First of its kind resto in Pune which is absolutely Hospital themed. From chairs to tables to staff’s attire, this in no way can be doubted for a resto :p. On the first floor they have Donkey’s Arse. Well you read that right. The second floor is for all the Superhero kids we have out there, the Superheroes.

Photo 29-01-16, 12 25 01 AM

The grand launch party of Donkey’s Arse was attended by celebrities, famous Punekars, and of course, me and my blogger friends too !! Just when entering the 7th lane of KP, one could easily have found out that there was a party going at the end of the lane, as the light works were amazing and was spotted from way back. The moment I reached the venue, I knew the party quotient was way too high. The place was well lit, and the view from outside itself gives a good picture of how Donkey’s Arse was gonna be ( not literally :p). Started the journey by getting clicked by their official photographers 😉 followed by a red carpet walk, ahhhh !!! All thanks to Carpe Diem.

This was a huuuge launch party. We were guided to the first floor of the building, into the Donkey’s Arse (pun). A room full of people but a table reserved for Bloggers was yet another delight. So once we were settled, it was time for some free flowing liquor. We started off with Beers, Vodka, the new KF Buzz. When it was around 9:30, the bar counter was shut down, and it was time for the Stand Up Comedy by the well known Mr.Atul Khatri, which was followed by an amazing band, The Mad Hatters, during which we chugged some Jager Bombs, and tried the imported Bira which was on tap. Starters too were served all throughout, which made it even better for the Food Bloggers.

Photo 28-01-16, 9 37 12 PM

Atul Khatri surely did make everyone ROFL

Photo 28-01-16, 10 56 38 PM

Mad Hatters at their best

The best part about the place,would obviously be the decor. Its a ‘See it to believe it stuff’. The pictures can definitely speak for themselves. The art work on the wall, the figures and figurines around the place, the vases, the seats and chairs, T-shirt slogans of the staff were all to die for. The place is a ‘Strict No’ for all the boring people as the majority of the interiors are 18+ :p.It was a delight to see flairing bartending in the limited place

One of the major highlights are indeed the food and the drinks. The starters served were all amazing and the chefs were able to maintain consistency with whatever they served. Chicken Pizzas, veg and non veg starters were all good !Even the bartenders made sure that the guests were more than  satisfied with the cocktails and other hard drinks provided.


A special shoutout to the bartenders for preparing those amazing Jagerbombs. Another word of appreciation definitely goes out to the service staff who were pretty efficient even though the crowd was huge in number.

Photo 28-01-16, 9 29 33 PM

Chug ‘n’chow, along with other blogger buddies were lucky enough to be at this amazing launch party. The party through which the Madness brand announced its entry into the Pune market. This surely looks like something which is gonna be a massive hit. Wishing Mr. Dashmit and Team Madness all the very best for their Madness.

Images Courtesy: Maanas Shah –

Keep Chugging, Keep Chowing

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