Picantos -Buena Comida Mexicana

“Hola” !! The staffs at Picantos never fail to greet their customers by saying the Mexican version of ‘Hello’ with a biiig smile, thus bringing smile to our faces as well. It comes as no surprise that such a tradition, trend rather, is maintained throughout the outlets of Picantos; thanks to Ms. Shruti and Ms. Uma who runs the place out of sheer passion.


The outlet at Viman Nagar is not hard to find at all. A good cosy place with ample seating indoor and outdoor. The decors is precisely maintained to bring a touch of Mexican, which indeed turned out to be successful. Mexican hats, posters, pictures and what not.

After an unbelievable traffic @ Viman Nagar, Chug N Chow, along with other bloggers reached here to try out dishes from their new menu.

Watermelon Gazpacho: This is the first time ever; I was trying a ‘cold soup’. Yes you heard it right. This is basically a summer drink. The taste of tomato was prominent throughout the drink but kept watermelon out of the limelight as its taste was hardly felt. The Gazpacho is their big experiment as it is a cold soup.

Pineapple Salsa Golgappe: The name pretty much explains the dish. We got our local golgappes in a Mexican preparation. Jalapeño, pineapple and salsa sauce were used. Just as we expected, this one turned out to be a real treat for all of us with perfect balance of Jalapeño-pineapple-salsa.

Dragon Fly: A drink made of litchi and spices. Sounds good? I don’t care. It tasted brilliant. An amazing drink made by the combination of Litchi, lemons and paprika. Definitely one of the must try from their new menu and its sure to make you go ‘wow’.

Tasting Platter: The tasting platter is a mix of Cheese & Jalapeño poppers, Tostadas and Empanadas. The Cheese & Jalapeño poppers were the standard fare which was no less than a decent dish. Tostadas were topped with minute slices of tomatoes, onions, corn and bell peppers. However, the ginger chutney seemed to be a bit heavy by taste for me. Empanadas are something which I thought I wouldn’t like, but I was absolutely wrong. Creamy yummy spinach & corn stuffed inside a fried pastry was served with some salsa sauce.

Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad: Grilled chicken and lettuce mixed together in perfect helping of mayo topped with dried bread cubes and served with a few grilled tomatoes. The fresh lettuce and perfectly grilled chicken was yet another mind blowing dish of the evening.

Beetroot and Feta Salad: Something which I would never order from any restaurants :p. A plate filled with only fresh veggies and topped with Feta Cheese. There was nothing wrong with the salad, except the fact that it was healthy as it can get, and there are no meat in it :p. The beetroot and radish are slightly toasted and kept in the freezer, later which they are served on a bed of fresh green lettuce.


Grilled Veg Soft Shell Tacos: Tacos are usually crispy, but Picantos has come forward with another innovation to serve soft shell tacos. Chunks of onion, tomatoes, corn, bell peppers, and jalapeño served on a base made of processed flour. Worth a try.

Lemony Chicken Soft Shell: The exact replica of the Veg version, the only difference being the juicy lemony chicken topped among the veggies. I would definitely go for this one over the veg variant.


Basil, Tomato & Mozzarella Panini: Submarine breads filled with tomato, basil and topped with generous helping of Mozzarella Cheese and toasted to perfection. The Paninis are served with a portion of their house wedges.


Cubano: A Panini sandwich prepared with filling of Chicken Ham on a bed of mustard and topped with jalapeño. Foodies who are not great fans of Chicken Ham or the intense mustard sauce, may find this one a bit out of their league, but personally, simply loved it.


BBQ Chicken Panini: Yet another amazingly prepared Panini. This time it was caramelized onions, tomatoes, lettuce, onions and a generous helping of BBQ chicken chunks.

Stuffed Paneer (Plated Meal): Where do we start on this one ? A bed of Salsa, on which a generous portion of buttered Mexican rice is spread. Sauteed veggies on one side of the plate and stuffed paneer on the other. A whole pepper shallow fried, stuffed with paneer and then baked ! Yummm


Chicken Roulade (Plated Meal): One of the bloggers favorite. More or less the same presentation as stuffed paneer, with Smoked Salsa bed, on top of which Mexican rice, corn on the cob & lettuce and Chicken Roulade is served. The filling of the roulade had peppers, onion, chilly, thyme and coriander.

Tres Leches Cake: A sponge cake made out of three or more variants of milk. Picantos uses three variants, cream included. The cream gives out a tinge of sourness to the whole cake, which complements well with the sweetness of the cake.


Chocolate Panna Cota with Strawberry Coulis: TO DIE FOR. Personal favorite of all the bloggers present that night. Pure sweetened cream with heavy blast of chocolate all over it. A dessert which left all of us speechless, and which made us clean up the entire plate in seconds.


Churros + Chocolate Sauce: Very well prepared fried dough pastry, sprinkled with the right amount of cinnamon and sugar powders. There are place around Pune that serves better Churros as well; a good one though.

Service was pretty quick, considering the number of items presented. The quality and standards of Picantos were maintained 100% throughout the night. People may be of the opinion that Picantos is just another resto among the fast food category, but NO. They have got a lot to offer and have a lot of potential which could do wonders. Adios Amigos


Keep Chowing
Picantos Mexican Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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