Lollapalooza -Grand 3 day launch

Lollapalooza is actually an annual music festival featuring popular alternative rock, metal, EDM, punk rock, hip hop bands and artists. In Pune, Lollapalooza is one of the latest and hottest lounges in the town. Situated in the roof top of Vision Galleria in Pimple Saudagar, the place boasts an indoor as well as a tiny outdoor seating.


The Grand Launch of Lollapalooza happened over three days, the first weekend of February.

Day 1 – DJ Prerna Singh


The much awaited launch of the lounge was finally here. The party started around 8 pm and the crowd slowly started to pour in. The host for all the days, Anushka Mitra officially started off the event and in no time, the opening DJs were all over the place. The Bartenders for launch, Gagan Raj and Anuj Negi from Flairology, were effortless with their flaring skills and took the audience on their amusing acts.


Free cocktails for ladies. You heard that right. The cocktails were free for ladies, courtesy the launch party. The guys too had their booze at a pretty nominal price. Beers, Mojitos, Margaritas, Martinis were a few among the many available drinks for the night. Food was also pretty nominal for the launch. Chicken Wings and Sichuan Chicken were the go-to-food for Chug N Chow. Even though the service was pretty slow ( expected considering the huge number turnout) the food was served fresh and hot.

DJ Prerna came in after a while and by the time, the crowd was already on their feet. Call it the Prerna Effect, few people who were hesitant to hit the floor initially, swayed to the dance floor once Prerna hit the console.They had amazing card magic performance from Mr. Vivek as well.


Beer chugging competition were also held. Rather a Beer relay, with 4 members in a team, a mug of beer had to be finished in turn. The fastest team to finish the 4 mugs wins. Guess who won the challenge?? Of course its the team in which Chug n Chow was a part of. Thanks to the awesome goodies and T shirts from Lollapalooza as gifts !!

The official headcount was 200+ and the party went on till midnight.

Day 2 – DJ Abishek Mantri


The schedule for the day was pretty much the same, except that the famous DJ Abishek Mantri was to hit the console on the raving Saturday night.


The gorgeous Anushka, just like Day 1, continued to impress the crowd on the second day as well. Not to forget our Flaring Bartenders Gagan and Anuj, who made the crowd go crazy yet again with their mind blowing skills.

Free cocktails for ladies, beers @nominal rate,chugging competitions, card magic were the highlights on Day 2 as well.

As soon as Abishek Mantri stepped in, the total vibe of the place changed. Everyone was waiting to get a selfie with him, even autographs. What a celebrity this guy has become. Why ?? We all got to know once he started spinning. There was not a single soul that was not dancing. He sure knows what he is doing.

The headcount was tripled from the previous night.

Day 3 – Cosmic Lingo


The final day of the 3 day grand launch was as classy as it could get. All thanks to Team Cosmic Lingo for their amazing performance. The Quintet had all the audience on their hands by the time they were done with their first song. Effortless vocals, backing vocals, flawless solos in guitar, and the thrashing of the drums were all the part of the package. The guests could enjoy an amazing spread of buffet and a pint of beer at almost a 500 bucks from Magnum Opus.


The 3 day grand launch, as promised, was inexplicable. The DJs, food, drinks and the fun quotients were darn too good throughout the 3 days. Lollapallooza has already made a mark even post the launch by being host to one of the hottest Ladies Night in town every Wednesdays.

We have witnessed the Lollapalooza effect. Have you ?

Keep Chugging, Keep Chowing.
Lollapalooza Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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