Pizza baked @ 500° FAHRENHEIT

The new sensation in town is without a doubt, the place that serves healthy pizzas. Pizzas and healthy? What are you kidding me? Absolutely not. They don’t call it healthy for no reason. Welcome to Fahrenheit Custom Pizza.


How is it healthy? The crusts they use for their Signature Pizzas are Sweet Potato, Cauliflower and Multi grain. Yes you heard me right. One of kind, first of its kind (I have ever heard of). To ensure that the pizzas on their menu are actually healthy, they had consulted a Dietician and Nutritionist and made sure the pizzas came out with less/no Trans fats. In fact, 20-25% proteins, 15% good fats, and 55-60% carbohydrates comprises a pizza. That’s a hell lot of info isn’t it?

The base is pressed using a ‘dough presser’ which is flown in all the way from the US, for its mere perfection. Once the base is pressed, the toppings are filled in and there it goes inside the brick oven. The base of the oven is a pizza stone which neatly retains the heat and the wood fire gives that extra kick, the extra taste to their signature pizzas. The baking process takes just 5 minutes tops. Thanks to 500 ° Fahrenheit :).

Thanks to Fahrenheit Custom Pizza and Orca Studios, I and my blogger friends found a table @ Fahrenheit for a food tasting event. Let’s see, rather drool, over what they have got up their sleeves.

So thoughtful of the team to serve chilled juices to us first, as we just came baked due to the afternoon heat. We were offered 2 juices, Kokum and Fresh Lime water. Both were pretty decent and the normal fare, even then I would go with the Fresh Lime as the best drink of that day.

Veg Stuffed Cheese Garlic Bread: Who doesn’t love cheese, and who doesn’t love garlic bread stuffed with cheese? This one was a sheer delight. Perfectly baked garlic bread stuffed with cheese, olives, zucchini, carrot and corn, with a spray of balsamic reduction. You read the name, you read the stuffing, need I say more?

Caribbean Chicken Salad: This was an interesting one. The salad had a veg portion and a non-veg one, separately. The only reason for the setup is that the veg portion, was a lemon and orange dressing whereas the chicken portion was prepared using Teriyaki sauce. Salad had generous helping of fresh leafy veggies, green bell peppers, onions and grated cheese. The rest, as they (never) say, is up to the customers: p.


Broccoli & Almond soup (Veg): They have both Veg and Non Veg versions and we were served the Veg. The smell was amazing. The distinct smell of broccoli and a hint of almond was a treat to our senses. A thick soup with a proper balance of Broccoli and Almonds. The soup was good; however, the power of the aroma was stronger than the taste of it.


Oh yes, the reason why we are here. Pizzzaaaasss. We were had a pizza each from each of the crust they have.

Classic Canon: The best is usually kept for the last. But Fahrenheit says to hell with it. They presented one of their best pizzas right away. Spicy chicken, Olives, Onions, Paprika, Peppers and Capers on a bed of Sweet potato crust, Heavens, are you seeing this? Perfectly baked think crust pizza with generous helping of veggies and the right amount of cheese was just required to make this the best of the evening.

Go Green: Off to the veggie land. Multigrain was the crust this time. Topped with Onions, Sundried Tomatoes, Paprika, Spinach, Baby Corns and Basil Pesto, this flavorsome pizza was yet another delight to the taste buds. Go Fahrenheit. Go Green.

Picture Perfect: This pizza was indeed perfect for a picture. I always preferred not to have a pizza with Pineapple on it, but to do justice to our roles; I had a go at it. Why? Why didn’t I have Hawaiian Pizzas all my life? Barbecue chicken, Peppers, Jalapeño and Pineapple on a Cauliflower crust was an above average fare.


They serve breakfast from 8 to 11, items ranging from Waffles, Pancakes to Oats to Eggs, Sausages and what not. We may also get to witness Fahrenheit start something new to go with their pizzas, pretty soon 😉

Surprisingly, the place is a 3 storied building, and a terrace. The building actually looks kinda like a Pizza slice. Coincidence? Ground floor, first and the second floor are functional at the moment and they plan on opening the terrace too, to the public.


The place is run by Asim Inamdar-Aditi Joshi-Atul Ranade trio. Thanks to Mr. Prasanna, the chef, who gave life to what’s written on their menu. A life with unlimited lifelines maybe?!.


Fahrenheit Custom Pizza is indeed the result of amazing thought process. A revelation that so many things could be done with Pizzas, and of course that pizzas could even be made much healthier than the convenient fat driven pizzas sold over the world.

Here’s thanking Fahrenheit Custom Pizza for what they have come up with, and wishing them all the best with their venture.


Team Fahrenheit & The B Team

Keep Chowing

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