A Magnificent Opening for Magnum Opus

Magnum Opus is situated on the roof top of Vision Galleria, just after the Kunal Icon Society in Pimple Saudagar. Don’t be disappointed about the building being under construction, just wait till you reach the roof top and an ‘AWE’ is guaranteed.IMG_20151223_131140

Now, the set up needs a bit of an explanation: The roof top hosts 3 different sections. One is the very magnificent Magnum Opus, mostly concentrating on the buffets, but they do serve à la carte as well. Neighboring Magnum Opus is the Veg friendly Bay Leaf Bistro. They serve only veg ( well I mentioned that, didn’t I?) and good news to the veggies, they have a dedicated kitchen. On the other extreme end, we have Lollapalooza, the highly anticipated lounge from Magnum Opus. Parties, dates, anniversaries, [breakups], official dine-ins, family time and what not ??  Have a kid who doesn’t let you sit peacefully for some time ? Magnum Opus has that taken care of too !! They have arranged a Children’s Play area too.


You forget the Vision Galleria building, forget the way how to reach the restaurant and you are in for a visual treat. Someone really have used their creative brains a lot.

Magnum Opus: Amazing that they have a dedicated parking and a lift for themselves. Swift up the lifts and the doors open to a well lit Magnum Opus. Amazing set up for Buffet, and two sections for dining, this place defines fine dining. While the buffet is indoors on the rooftop, they do have a sky view seating as well.IMG_20151223_130109

Bay Leaf Bistro: Right next to the outdoor area of Magnum Opus is Bay Leaf. Amazing seating and aquariums brightens the mood as well as the view.IMG_20151223_130012

Sandwiched between MO and BL is an open bar !! How awesome can it get ?? An amazing open air bar. They have got amazing bottle works on their walls.

Lollapalooza:  Did I spell it right :p ?? Well the place was still under the final touches, but from what we got to saw, be prepared for an amazing lounge. The decors are simply amazing. Huge posters, art work, light work, seating and what not. Do check out the snaps.


Soups and Starters

Well, this one definitely has to be the best part when we are at a restaurant isn’t it? Magnum Opus makes damn sure that we don’t get disappointed in this front.We were greeted by chilled Kingfisher Premium beers and a Red Wine and a White wine and there was soft drinks for the teetotalers.IMG_20151223_132346

Caramelized Onion & Zucchini Broth: Pretty contradictory to my previous statement. This was a sheer disappointment, but definitely the only thing that has disappointed us completely.IMG_20151223_141008

Chaar Grilled Prawns: Just as the name suggests, medium sized prawns grilled to utmost perfection in rosemary preparation, garnished with a hint of balsamic sauce, a treat to your taste buds and a perfect appetizer along with the beers.IMG_20151223_133209

Jalapeño Cheese Balls: Has anyone ever said ‘No’ to a cheese ball? And when its jalapeñosit just becomes irresistible. So was the case and so was the taste with this version.IMG_20151223_133245

Nizami Murgh Tikka: Succulent pieces of chicken barbecued in creamy yogurt flavor, served with mint chutney and onions, a standard, yet a classic fare.IMG_20151223_132554

Anjeer Kebab: This was a first time for me. Though I didn’t feel like tasting it, I did not regret once I had it. A bit of overcooked ?? Well, as i said, first time 😉IMG_20151223_132746

Heavenly Chicken Drums: Welcome aboard to the heaven of all the chicken drumsticks out there. A combination of multiply spices and chilly infused preparation, a dish created to test your buds.

Honey Chilly Crispy Potato: Could have been better. The taste was good albeit the potatoes were a bit too crispy. Yet another regular fare on the menu.IMG_20151223_132654


Spiced Chicken Caesar Salad: One of the best Caesar salads that I have ever had. Tender strips of chicken, lettuce and mayo in a bowl guarantees no less than a treat. Simply forced me for more helpingsIMG_20151223_135549

Insalata Caprese: Chefs special Tomato Mozzarella salad. Baked tomatoes topped with generous helping of grated mozzarella cheese, this one will be a sure hit among the veggies out there.IMG_20151223_135608

Garden Fresh Salad: A very healthy salad with bell peppers, tomatoes, zucchinis and broccoli, tossed in perfect portions of vinegar.IMG_20151223_135600

Greek Salad: Still not able to figure out what all exactly was there in the salad. Olives and Broccoli of course with generous helping of garlic croutons, will definitely take us to Athens.IMG_20151223_135620

Mix Seafood Salad: My favorite after the Caesar salad. The seafood salad had generous portions of fish and prawns, topped with sesame seeds and bell peppers.IMG_20151223_135555

Raw Mango Papaya Salad: I could just have a spoonful of the salad and could definitely get hints of raw mango, but not papaya. Prepared in macaroni in cheese (no, not mac ‘n’ cheese), yet another successful salad from the salad bar.IMG_20151223_135614

Main Course


Penne with Creamy Pesto: The best main course of the day ? My vote is on this penne pasta cooked in delicious pesto sauce. The flavors of garlic,olives and Parmesan could easily be tasted from the pesto, which makes the pasta outstanding.IMG_20151223_151438

Grilled Fish: Pan seared fish fillets served with parsley. Perfectly grilled, yet could have been more spicy and flavorsome.IMG_20151223_151258

Goan Fish Curry & Steamed Rice: Nothing never goes wrong with Goa I guess. Perfectly spiced fish curry in traditional Goan preparation and paired with steam rice, there’s no turning back.IMG_20151223_151317

Paneer Makhani: When the makhani preparation was amazing, the paneer failed to rise up to the standards of the gravy. Hard and chewy, this dish would have been mind blowing otherwise.

Chicken Burnt Garlic Fried Rice: A pretty good fried rice that lived up to its name. Garlic infused fried rice was yet another treat, served with chicken cubes and eggs.IMG_20151223_151456

Mutton Roganjosh, Murgh Tawa Masala, Khusbudar Kofta, Dal Tadka, Assorted Indian breads, Pickles and Pappads were on the spread, thanks to Amazing starters, salads and main course, I couldn’t have much of each to review about.


Aha. Who isn’t interested for some amazing desserts anytime.

Fresh Fruit Platter: We all know how much the freshest of fruits taste like, well I did that day. Amazingly presented fruit platter with almost all different fruits available on the market.IMG_20151223_151701

Gajar Halwa: Does this need an introduction and that too when the amazing carrot season is around the corner?IMG_20151223_151622

Moongdal Halwa: Well, I am never a fan when it comes to dal preparation of sweets. This one was an exception indeed. No hesitation for gulping down this pleasantly prepared dessert.IMG_20151223_151617

Gulab Jamun & Kala Jamun: Both were the standard fare. Nothing exceptional, but exquisite taste.

Shahi Tukde: Always enjoyed bread puddings. This one was no exception, yet exceptional. Perfectly baked slices of bread soaked in milk served with nuts and hints of spices.IMG_20151223_151640

Angoor Rabdi: Soft and spongy cottage cheese dumplings dunked in saffron flavored thickened milk and served with much love, Diwali was back.IMG_20151223_151652


This was a mixed lot. Some staffs were exceptional whereas the majority others needs some better training. As promised by the management, they have already taken this into their action plan.

Magnum Opus, literally means the greatest work of an individual or a group. Well, I feel and hope that Magnum Opus will indeed be a Magnum Opus for Mr. Manoj Pandey and his confident team.


Keep Chugging, Keep Chowing.


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  1. Maanas Shah @freakyfoodieblogger · February 1, 2016

    You lucky you!! What an amazing way to describe your experience! Keep it up!!


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