A sweet start with Waffles Hut

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Being in an IT firm, I’ve always wanted to free myself from everything happening around and start a restaurant somewhere! Well this is a long term goal which is definitely gonna take a long time. But hats off to Mr. Sujit, who’s working in a top IT Company and still started a franchise of Waffles Hut.

Located on the Ground Floor of the West Block in Amanora Mall is a compact space that houses Waffles Hut. Neither too huge nor too small, they have got a perfect place to eat some of the finest Waffles around.


We were a group of foodies who were invited for tasting and were well received by the management. Mr. Tanmay, the owner of the Waffles Hut brand was present and briefed us about how the idea of starting the same left him sleepless. The session was taken over by Mr. Sujit and we were presented with an array of finger licking good waffles,pancakes and some shakes.

Here is how the waffles spread went….

Belgian Chocolate Spread: This one is clearly an all time favorite for all the waffle lovers. Pure chocolate delight. Thick, hot delicious Belgian chocolate topped on amazingly made waffles is indeed a must try option once you visit Waffles Hut.


Banana Caramel with Oreo Crumbles: Caramelized banana and crumbled oreo biscuits on a layer of whipped cream. This one was yet another delight. It would have been better (it was already amazing) if the taste of banana hadn’t taken the center stage, instead, equal taste of banana and oreo is what I would prefer.


Marshmallow with Maple Syrup: I like Marshmallows alright. But when they presented marshmallow waffles, I was actually wondering how we could have it and thought will just give it a bite for tasting’s sake and let it go. But no, this one was epic and it was simply one of the best waffles of the day!!

Dessert Snow: A unique waffle drenched in molten chocolate and topped with a scoop of ice cream. Now having tasted the other waffles, I prefer not having this one and the ice cream was damn cold (of course) to feel the taste of waffles.

Velvet crunch with Blueberry Crush: Clearly, this one is not a crowd puller. Molten chocolate topped with velvet textured whipped cream, did not get received any good in our table.

Nutella with Chocochips: What?? Did you say ChocoChip?? Well definitely I said chocochip, and I did say Nutella too. Can you imagine how good it was ?? Well if you can imagine, it was much better than that! Taste it, to believe it. Waffle topped with generous amount if semi melted Nutella stuffed with chocochips. Yumm


Jelly Belly Delight: Welcome to the Fantasy park. Served with smooth textured whipped cream, and topped with gummy jellies, just like the name suggests, was a delight


Apple Cinnamon with Maple Syrup: Whipped cream sandwiched between amazing waffles and generous portion of crisp cut apples topped with cinnamon powder, this one maybe a favorite for people who love cinnamon much and I ain’t on that list. IMG_20151212_144336


Time for some shakes…

Mango Milkshake: One of the first milkshakes presented before us, it was a blend of amazing mango flavors and presented as an amazing thick shake.


Butterscotch Milkshake: If anyone had given me a choice to choose the best from the day, I would undoubtedly go for this amazing shake made of rich butterscotch and served with much love. Shhhhh!!!


Chocolate Shake: Pretty decent and pretty standard fare of the chocolate milkshake. A treat for all the coco lovers out there, but when there is Butterscotch milkshake on the menu, I would definitely skip this one.


Pancakes too…

Dry Fruits with Syrup: Dry fruits on a pancake topped with syrup, how well does that sound?? It sounds good, looked amazing and tasted simply brilliant. Amazing innovation which gave amazing result.


Chocolate Spread: You say you liked Belgian Chocolate ?? Well, then there is no reason you shouldn’t have this one. Amazing chocolate spread on a very soft pancake base. Totally yumm


Butter & Maple Syrup: Butter and maple would indeed make a good combo. Rather a simpler version of pancake when compared to the other options, yet exquisite.


Waffles Hut is not just a place for sweet tooth, they do have some interesting innovations around the corner with something like Spicy Mushroom Waffle. They are indeed trying out other toppings which can be added to the spicy section as well. They do offer Waffle Cakes, Crepes, Churros, Brownies and Juices as well.

So what’s there to think about? Grab a ride and hurry off to Waffles Hut and enjoy a guaranteed good meal !!


Keep Chowing


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