All New Breakfast | Pankayam | Trivandrum

Pankayam has been one among many restaurants in Trivandrum that has been consistent, and that has been constantly working on customer suggestions for improvement. Well, hard work pays off. Pankayam is now crowded almost any time you go.

Opened with a focus on seafood and meats, they recently started an all new breakfast menu. From a quirky menu featuring old school ‘match the following’ to meat and seafood to unlimited black tea & pappadom, the place has it all.



Mutta Appam (Egg Appam): My love story with eggs knows no bounds. Upon stumbling at egg appam in the menu, there was no way that I would give this a miss. And oh boy, wasn’t that a treat. The success of this version of mutta appam mainly lies in the freshness of the appam dough and the timing to which the egg was cooked. Spot on.


Pankayam Egg Roast: Definitely not a regular affair, but not an extraordinary one as well. Finely chopped shallots and tomatoes goes into this traditional spicy egg preparation. Gravy is minimal. Perfect companion for appam.


Puttu and Kadala Curry: Yet another traditional breakfast options of the mallus. The combination of puttu and kadala curry is much talked about. Though I personally prefer chana rather than chole, this one wasn’t any less tastier. (The pic is with dosa though)


Naadan Kozhi Mappila Curry is a special preparation with a base of coconut milk whereas the mutton stew is a traditional breakfast option among the Christian families, especially during festivals. The stew also goes well with appam or even idiyappam.


After having found success with their lunch and dinner menu, it’s only evident and fair to say that Pankayam has nailed the all new breakfast, hands down.

The breakfast timing is 7 to 11!

Keep Chugging Keep Chowing


Paaykappal | Trivandrum

Paaykappal is a recently launched restaurant in Trivandrum and is located exactly where Madras Tiffin Center used to be. “#Vaayilkappalodum”, which loosely translates to “drool” is their primary marketing word. They have used it right from their pre-opening, in their social media and even as a wall art.

While Paaykappal has marked its presence in the city, how well do they fare as far as the food is concerned?

Chicken Biriyani: Served in an earthen pot, the biriyani is made using small rice. Simple yet flavorful, this version has 2-3 pieces of chicken served along with a boiled egg. Pickle, raita and pappad are accompanied and one portion is enough for one person.


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ibis bliss | SIPCOT | Chennai

A relocation to Chennai meant a 14-day stay at ibis, the business hotel. Situated right off the Siruseri signal, the accessibility is undoubtedly brilliant. You can see the building from either side of the road, at least from a few hundred meters away.

The welcome…

Going in with 8 huge bags, 1 shuttle kit and a camera bag, it looked like I was going to settle in ibis forever. The luggage was completely taken care of by the front desk gentleman. Ms. Anjali, at the reception, was all smiles when she received me and mom. The formalities were done briskly. And off we went to our room, 707.

The room…

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Breakfast Buffet | ibis Sipcot | Chennai

The ‘all-you-can-eat-buffet’ is definitely one of their attractions. The buffet is curated in a way that it has something for anyone who visits ibis- be it a westerner, south east Asian, north or south Indian-you name it.


Each of my mornings started by seeing the bright smile on Mr. Sharath’s face. Such a polite, down to earth guy who was always there, catering to your needs. During the course, he started serving me my regulars, without even having to remind him once. Much appreciated.

There is a cycle which carries earthen cups and a flask each of readymade tea and coffee. The setup is nicely done, definitely inviting. Since I am neither a coffee nor a tea person, I didn’t try them on any of the days, looks good though.

Soup counter was one of my favorites from the spread. Every day they have different soups, be it miso, kanji, zoni and many more. To go with that, one could choose from variety of meat (chicken, fish), Chinese veggies, cottage cheese, rice and some noodles on some days. You pair it according to your liking and soup it up.


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An ‘unlimited’ love affair | Onesta | Chennai

Onesta has been in my radar for more than a year, ever since I moved to Mahabalipuram for my review. Hectic class schedule, long distance were two of the many reasons the trip was delayed. Better late than never they say. Very well said. Here’s a detail of my amazing experience.

At Onesta, you can opt for the à la carte or the Unlimited Pizza Offer, or the unlimited whole menu offer. It was a unanimous choice for me to go for the unlimited whole menu. Except Red Bull and Diet Coke, you can order literally anything from the menu, and so did I.

French Fries: Expecting a regular frozen fries, I was in for a surprise. I have always been a fan of fat and thick fries for I believe that the potato flavor can be enjoyed best in this manner. Thanks to the chef, it was one such day. Adequately salted and crisp.


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Chennai gets MC’d | Masala Coffee | Phoenix Market City

Formed in 2004, Masala Coffee got into the hearts of every Malayali with their cover of ‘Kantha…’ and with the covers of major AR Rahman signatures, their fan base just grew. The demand made way for the remake of Kantha in Tamil as well. Their version of the Kavalam Narayana Panicker classic – ‘Aal aayal..’ was another blockbuster, thanks to the amazing rendition and the visuals


Tickets for their latest show in Phoenix open theater was selling like hot cakes. VIP passes were sold out in no time, not to forget that the tickets were available online as well. Thanks to Mamagoto and Punjab Grill, who offered some deals for their outdoor seating which had direct view of the concert.


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Olam creates waves, big ones


The first flea market in Trivandrum, Olam, kicked off yesterday evening by 4 and the crowd was flowing in like swarms of bees. 3400 odd people on the first day is something which each and every Trivian can be proud of. The data shows exactly what the crowd in Trivandrum is. Inexplicable.


With 59 total stalls including 6 for food and 5 for Bakes and Cakes, there are stalls for Fashion, Art, Home Decors, Social Cause and Beauty. With a mind blowing crowd, Olam received all the welcome it deserved.


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Al Hassan | Plamoodu | Trivandrum

Started off as budget restaurants, and then created a fairly good ambiance with multi cuisine, the name Al Hassan is no surprise to anyone. They gained their name sometime back when they served, probably, the cheapest Biriyani one could get in the city, without compromising on the quality.

Though I wanted to visit them for their Biriyani and Shawarma, the management suggested I must go for the Kebabs as they had a chef specializing in that. I didn’t think twice, and ordered a platter and a Gulabi Kebab.

Kebab Platter: The Kebab platter, as the name suggests, in an assortment of their best kebabs. It includes Alishaan Kebab, Malai Kebab, Raeshmi Kebab, hariyali kebab and chicken tikka. Though it’s tough to choose the best, my taste buds voted for the malai tikka with gooey malai on top of the chicken. Alishaan and Tikka were my other favorites. For 300+tax, I think this one’s a steal


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